5 Times BTS’s Jungkook Was As Strong On The Inside As He Is On The Outside

He’s strong in mind, body, and soul.

BTS‘s “Muscle Bunny” Jungkook has strengthened his body with dancing, exercise, and sports, but he’s just as strong mentally as he is physically. Here are just 5 of the many times he proved it.

1. Moving to Seoul

Jungkook debuted at 15 years old, but his journey to stardom began a few years earlier. From a young age, he took moved away from his home in Busan to pursue his dreams in Seoul.

As a trainee, he also flew to the US to learn dance in Los Angeles, California. This kind of risk-taking can be daunting for anyone, but instead of being fearful, Jungkook saw each big change as a new adventure.

| Big Hit Entetainment/bangtan.tistory.com

2. Outshining his shyness

For many people, shyness is a life-long struggle that can prevent them from living life to the fullest. Often times, it goes hand in hand with the fear of failure and rejection, and it makes it difficult to connect with other people.

Jungkook’s shyness could have kept him from achieving his dreams, especially in his younger days, but he didn’t let it hold him back. Thankfully, his confidence, ambition, and competitiveness proved to be much more powerful than his shyness.

(Of course, he still has his shy moments now and then!)

3. Overcoming scandals and rumors

Last year, Jungkook received criticism for his fender-bender with a taxi, and a false dating rumor involving his female friend. Some netizens also weren’t fans of the tattoos he got inked last summer.

Dealing with hate, rumors, and scandals couldn’t have been easy, but Jungkook quietly overcame this adversity. Now, he’s shining brighter than ever in 2020, having just celebrated his 23rd birthday and BTS’s historic “Hot 100” rank on the Billboard charts.

4. Being strong for his members

Even though Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, he’s a dependable person that his older friends can rely on.

He can handle whatever troubles come his way, and he rarely talks about his own struggles. When it comes to his members though, he can’t bear to see them having a hard time.

5. Healing mentally and physically from injuries

As mentioned, Jungkook doesn’t usually show the toll his troubles take on him, but even the strong ones break down sometimes. After suffering a foot injury that left him unable to dance, he couldn’t hold back his tears during the BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in London.

With the help of his members, ARMY, and his own positive attitude, Jungkook healed from his injury.

During the healing process, he gave each concert his all, even while chair-bound. This star was born to shine!