BTS Re-Imagined As “Mystic Messenger” Characters… Seriously!

You receive a text from Unknown, and end up in a chat with the members of BTS as Mystic Messenger characters!

Using your imagination is as vital as breathing, especially nowadays so that you don’t get bored from staying at home! We recently re-imagined K-Pop idols as Nintendo Switches (yes, seriously) and Red Velvet as Pokémon.

We also re-imagined BTS as Animal Crossing characters! Then we got to wondering if BTS were characters from Mystic Messenger, who would they be?

1. RM as Jumin

Jumin is rich AF, and so is RM. Jumin is quiet and serious, and is especially soft toward his precious cat Elizabeth the 3rd.

Like Jumin, RM is serious and doesn’t put too much stock into how others view him, choosing instead to focus on doing what is right.

Jumin Han | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

2. V as V

With his blue hair, V is a dead ringer for, well, V. Unlike Mystic Messenger V, BTS’s V is outgoing and bubbly.

Aside from their visuals, V and V are both photographers with extraordinary skills.

V | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

3. Jimin as Yoosung

Jimin is an adorable cutie-pie who is sensitive and playful.

Yoosung, like Jimin, is a playful cutie you just can’t get enough of.

Yoosung Kim | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

4. Jungkook as Jaehee Kang

Wait, wait! Before you come after us with pitchforks, we love Jungkook and Jaehee! Jungkook is very helpful and hardworking.

Jaehee is Jumin’s assistant and she is hardworking, often going above and beyond. She is earnest and likable, and is very caring of others, just like Jungkook!

Jaehee Kang | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

5. Suga as Elizabeth The 3rd

Suga is an INFP personality type, meaning that he is a loyal and sensitive dreamer. These types of people always look for the best in others.

Elizabeth the 3rd is Jumin’s cat and obviously one of the best characters in the game. A fluffy white Persian cat, Elizabeth is usually with Jumin or his assistant Jaehee. Elizabeth is a happy, carefree kitty.

Elizabeth The 3rd | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

6. J-Hope as 707

J-Hope is funny, friendly, and outgoing.

707, on the surface, is a happy-go-lucky character who is outgoing.

707 | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

7. Jin as Zen

Jin is known as “Mr. Worldwide Handsome”, so naturally, he had to be Zen!

Zen is an actor/singer who often talks about how handsome he is.

Zen | Source: Mystic Messenger Wiki

What do you think? Did we get it right, or was this a miss? Which BTS member would you have re-imagined as which Mystic Messenger character?