4 Times BTS Members Revealed “Secrets” About Themselves

V once spoke about how his stage persona is different from his real self.

The BTS members are quite honest, and over the years, they have revealed “secrets” about themselves. Here are 4 of these moments.

1. RM on his voice

In a live broadcast, RM shared that he uses different voices for working vs. everyday life. When RM speaks in front of a large audience, he uses a higher pitch and louder volume for better delivery.

For more formal occasions… or when I’m in front of a larger audience, like when I’m giving a statement or something, or at concerts even, I sound like this. But this is not my given tone.

— RM

When RM isn’t working, he uses his natural, mid-to-low range and softer tone of voice.

This is how I usually sound, though. But I feel like when I speak in this tone, the delivery isn’t clear enough. This is less stressful for my throat, but…

— RM

RM also added that when he speaks English, he sounds more like his natural self!

I think when I speak in English, though, I sound more like my natural self. It might be because English is a second language for me. But I can use my normal voice, and it still delivers… Kind of? I don’t know. My tone of voice is something that I’m constantly thinking about and working on, because after all, I am someone who sings and records and uses my voice to deliver messages.

— RM

2. J-Hope on the fears that come with being an idol

Being a K-Pop idol isn’t easy, and in episode 3 of Break The Silence, a staff member pointed out to J-Hope and Jimin that some paparazzi were nearby.

J-Hope was quite surprised and shared, “Things like that sometimes scare me.”

J-Hope then spoke about how there are fears that come with being an idol.

It’s a bit embarrassing for me to say this myself, and I don’t know if I should say it, but now that I’ve reached this point and I’m in this position, I see it as a sort of calling.

— J-Hope

J-Hope shared, “Of course, being an idol is…It makes you shine brightly, but it’s accompanied by fear.” While J-Hope sometimes wants to “let go” of everything, the love he receives from ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) makes everything worth it.

But this position is…the eyes of so many people are watching, and their love and attention are the things that make it hard to let go.

— J-Hope

3. V on the difference between his real self and stage persona

In Break The Silence: The Movie, V spoke a bit about what sets V apart from his real self, Kim Tae Hyung (V’s real name). V shared, “I think…V can show parts of Kim Tae Hyung and parts of V.” V, however, also shared, “But, Kim Tae Hyung can’t show V.


V believes that Kim Tae Hyung is someone who is filled with curiosity!

Kim Tae Hyung is Kim Tae Hyung. Kim Tae Hyung is someone who’s still filled with a lot of curiosity. And, he’s inquisitive about a lot of things.

— V

V added that Kim Tae Hyung is open to learning all things: “There are many things he wants to do. There are still many things he’s curious about.” V, on the other hand, is someone who usually has a specific goal in mind: “As for V, you know how every song has its own mood? I want to become someone who knows how to meld into a song.

However, that doesn’t mean that V can’t show his versatility!

So V may be one persona, but he should be able to show various parts of himself. When I’m on stage, I want to show as much of V as possible.

— V

4. Suga on being burdened by their reputation

While BTS has achieved worldwide fame, Suga shared in JTBC‘s In The SOOP that he feels burdened by their status.

You know how many excessive adjectives now go before the name, BTS? To be honest, it makes me feel burdened.

— Suga

BTS’s Suga

Suga also shared that he wished people would look at them as normal people.

I wish people would see us and think, ‘Those boys aren’t that different from ordinary people.’

— Suga