5 Times BTS Members Showered RM With Praise And Showed Why He’s One Of The Best Leaders In K-Pop

“You carry a large burden as the leader. I always feel sorry, and always grateful for you.”

The BTS members appreciate their leader, RM, and they are never shy about complimenting him. Here are 5 times the BTS members showered RM with praise and showed why he’s one of the best leaders in K-Pop.

1. The members expressing their gratitude to RM


During BTS’s 2018 FESTA, there was a segment where the members confessed truths to each other, and some of the members decided to show their appreciation for RM! Suga shared that he’s incredibly grateful for RM and that he sometimes feels sorry since RM has to carry the burden of being the leader.

You carry a large burden as the leader. I always feel sorry, and always grateful for you.

— Suga

BTS’s Suga

V spoke about RM’s English and how he got nervous at the Billboard Music Awards when he wasn’t with RM.

At the Billboard Music Awards, when RM went to the bathroom, I was nervous every time one of the many celebrities came up to us.

— V


Jimin also spoke about how he got nervous at the Billboard Music Awards when he wasn’t with RM.

We were at the hotel, and I misunderstood, so I came down to the lobby 30 minutes early. My room was far away, so I just stayed there, but I was greeted by artists who were passing by, Khalid was there, and every time he asked me something, I missed RM.

— Jimin

BTS’s Jimin

Jin spoke about some advice he had received from RM regarding the group’s struggle to communicate.

RM told me if you don’t understand what they’re saying, just repeat the last thing that the other person said.

— Jin

BTS’s Jin

2. V giving his thoughts on RM

BTS’s V & RM

In an interview, V was asked to give his honest opinion about RM, and he gave a heartwarming answer. V shared that RM is responsible and always looks out for all the members.

If any of the members have any worries, RM will text them personally or have a personal face-to-face talk with them!

3. The members telling RM that he’s “the best leader

In BTS’s special talk show called Let’s BTS, Suga expressed his wish to tell RM that he’s “the best leader.”


Suga spoke about how without RM, they wouldn’t have achieved the things they achieved. The members heavily agreed with Suga.

| KBS WORLD TV/YouTube  

RM humbly shared that the members make him a great leader.

| KBS WORLD TV/YouTube  

After this, the members told RM that he’s “the best leader,” and RM couldn’t help but smile.

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4. The members sharing their honest feelings about RM

In an interview, the BTS members gave their honest opinions about RM, and some spoke about RM’s leadership. Suga shared that he respects RM a lot for his outstanding leadership.

Jimin spoke about how despite RM being the leader, he never abuses this power.

J-Hope shared that RM’s leadership is admirable and amazing!

5. Jungkook thanking RM during a speech

BTS’s Jungkook & RM

Jungkook is the biggest fanboy of RM, and during a speech, he thanked RM for the cool speech he had just given.

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Jungkook also spoke about how RM is why he joined Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’s agency) and thanked him!

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