3 Times BTS’s RM Talked About His Past “Love Life” And Ideal Type

RM once revealed why he broke up with his high school girlfriend.

Over the years, there have been moments where BTS‘s RM spoke honestly about his past “love life” and ideal type.


Here are 3 of these moments.

1. His high school girlfriend and their breakup

In an episode of tvN‘s Problematic Men, RM honestly shared that he did have a girlfriend in high school.

RM then shared that his girlfriend had a lot of male friends. While RM doesn’t view this as a problem now, he was bothered by it in the past. RM also believed that she did a lot of things that were “unacceptable as a girlfriend.”

The two also argued quite a bit, and RM realized that his feelings would no longer be genuine if their relationship continued, so they broke up.

2. His gift to his crush

In an episode of Problematic Men, RM shared that he once wrote a rap for a girl he liked!

RM was quite serious and sincere about this gift.

When asked how he presented the gift, RM shared that he put an earphone in the girl’s ear!

3. His ideal type

RM’s ideal type is someone who is both smart and feminine. He also shared that he would like it if she had a sexy and nice voice. He also would like it if his girlfriend looked good in casual clothes! In terms of height, RM would prefer being taller. Lastly, RM would prefer it if she didn’t smoke or go clubbing often.

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