BTS’s V: 5 New Things We Learned About Him In 2020

New year, new facts.

With each passing year, BTS‘s grows and changes, evolving into a new version of himself. Here are 8 new things we learned about him in 2020!

1. He was scammed by a taxi driver

At the global conference for “Dynamite”, V shared a story from his pre-debut days. When he moved from Daegu to Seoul to join BTS, he and his father were scammed by a taxi driver.

I took a taxi with my dad and we ended up being scammed by the taxi driver. We didn’t know that we would have to go through three tunnels.

— V

Even so, V looks back fondly on the incident. He said,  “Now this episode has become a fun memory.”

2. He picked up a studious new hobby

In July, BTS appeared on Waktu Indonesia Belanja for Tokopedia to perform songs and answer questions. Here V revealed that he has been working on his language skills.

| Tokopedia/Tokopedia Play

These days, I’m taking online lectures. English. I applied for the online lectures, so I got the textbooks by mail,” he said. “I’m trying to spend one hour a day to take those online lectures. Not consistently. It’s only been two days.”

3. How he copes with feeling burnt out

At the global press conference for BE, V fielded a reporter’s question about burn out and how he personally deals with it in 2020.

| @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

“Honestly, I’ve been burnt out before,” he said. “I know the feeling. In the past, I had a hard time because it hit me directly. Recently, however, I think I was able to overcome it by expressing those feelings into lyrics and music. I feel thrilled and accomplished by it.”

4. How he defines success

In 2020, BTS has a room of trophies, more Daesangs than any artist in history, countless broken records, sky-high sales, and massive popularity, but V holds his song “Sweet Night” to a different standard.

V wrote the song for Itaewon Class without thinking about chart records or ranks. His goal was to create a healing song for ARMY. That’s how he measured its success.

I don’t want to think about ranks. I don’t want to relate this song to grades. Regardless of grades, I hope this song could heal ARMY when they listen to it. [. . .] I just worked hard to make the fans happy.

— V

5. Visual Director V

Fans already know V is multi-talented, but this year we saw him take on a leadership role behind the scenes for BTS’s BE album. As Visual Director, V was responsible for the visual aspects of BE, including its concept photos.

We really wanted to show meaningful content to ARMY, and that’s why I started this. It wasn’t an easy process, but I tried my best. The members and ARMY supported me a lot so we could do it successfully.

— V

His hobby, photography, was his first source of inspiration. V revealed that RM helped him bring the BE concept photos to life by suggestioning individual rooms for each member.

RM | @bts_bighit/Twitter 

And RM actually said, ‘How about we come with the idea of our rooms for our concept photos? How about we decide on our concept of our rooms and decorate our rooms how we like. And was actually applied to our individual concept photos. I hope you look forward to that too. It’s already revealed.

— V

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