10+ Chaotic Good Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Surprise Live Broadcast

He proved to be a true multitasker, singing and washing dishes all while live.

Just a couple of days after BTS V‘s chaotic but fun live broadcast, maknae Jungkook held his own. He sang some songs but also addressed some rumors.

BTS’s Jungkook | BTS/VLIVE

Check out 10+ chaotic good moments from Jungkook’s live broadcast below…

1. Sipping wine from a mug

2. This impromptu performance of a throwback

3. Literally hitting such a high note he fell off the chair

4. Changing lyrics for ARMY

5. The biggest “Run BTS” enthusiast

6. Being a true K-Drama Business Proposal fan

7. Washing dishes

8. He literally snapped

9. When Jungkook performed Jin’s “Super Tuna”

10. The return of “Rapper Jungkook”

11. When he performed PSY and Suga’s “That That”

12. When he put an end to disbandment rumors

13. Freaking out when it’s too cold

14. Saying his name and nickname

15. His reaction to himself

16. Trying to beat the one too many mattress and diffuser allegations 

Watch a quick recap of Jungkook’s live broadcast below:

Also, check out moments from V’s chaotic live broadcast below:

10+ Chaotic Good Moments From BTS V’s Live Broadcast For The Group’s 9th Anniversary

Source: BTS