Here’s Every K-Pop Idol Group That Disbanded In 2018

These groups didn’t make it to 2019.

2018 was a year of great debuts; we saw great groups like (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids, and LOONA. However, disbandment is inevitable for some groups. Here is a list of groups who didn’t make it to 2019.

1.  Homme 

The duo (consisting of Lee Hyun and Lee Changmin) had been on hiatus for a while, with their last single being released in 2015. Lee Changmin had left BigHit Entertainment in February and though BigHit did not release an official statement concerning disbandment, it is highly unlikely that they will be promoting together.

Lee Hyun will continue as a soloist in BigHit Entertainment while Lee Changmin is currently in charge of his own solo endeavors.

2. Stellar

The Stellar members had spoken up against their company, The Entertainment Pascal, in the past. The girls were forced into erotic concepts despite how uncomfortable it made them. Minhee and Hyoeun chose not to renew their contract with the company and in February 26, 2018, the company announced the group had disbanded.

Member Minhee had written fans a handwritten letter for the fans in light of the disbandment. The letter was posted to Instagram, though it is now deleted.

I thought this moment would be in the far future, but now the time has come. Looking back, the times we had with Twinkles will forever become unforgettable memories.
Now, Stellar will go their separate ways. I will try my best to show better sides of myself as Joo Minhee, not just as Stellar’s Minhee, so please give me lots of support. To my members who have given me strength, to Twinkles, I am so thankful and so happy. I will forever cherish the unforgettable warm love you have given me. I love you, Twinkles.

3. JBJ

JBJ was a temporary group that consisted of Produce 101 Season 2 participants that didn’t make the final lineup. The group promoted until their contracts expired in April 30 and returned to their original companies. Now, Noh Taehyun is promoting as a soloist and a member of HOTSHOT. Takada Kenta and Kim Sanggyun are in a unit called JBJ95, which is permanent. Kim Donghan is a soloist and Kwon Hyunbin is a model, variety star, and actor. There has been no news on what Jin Longguo (more commonly known as Yongguk) is doing nowadays after his scandal.

For their last song as a group, they released “Just Be Star“. They also released a special music video that features clips of them from debut to now as well as farewell messages from the members. In their final concert, “Epilogue“, the boys thanked the fans who had allowed them to debut and pursue their dreams.

4. Fiestar

With Fiestar’s last comeback being in 2016 and majority of the members’ contracts expiring, disbandment seemed inevitable for them. The company had announced that the group was disbanding on May 15, 2018, shortly before Cao Lu’s contract expired.

After news of their disbandment got out, the members posted handwritten letters to their personal Instagram’s to thank the fans.

Cao Lu’s letter, which she wrote in both Korean and Chinese, reads,


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To: Everyone Who Has Supposted Fiestar
Hello! This is Fiestar’s Cao Lu. Thank you so much for standing by our side and supporting us throughout our time as Fiestar. I was really happy during the times we spent together. Because of Fiestar, I was able to promote in Korea and received so much love. I am thankful to my members whom I have trained with. I won’t forget the times where we laughed and cried together.
I love all of our Let’s and the members. It is not the end. I ask that you continue to support us. The five of us will continue to work hard and make sure not to disappoint our fans. I’m forever sorry and I love you.
– Cao Lu

Yezi’s letter reads,


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Hello, this is Fiestar’s Yezi. Handwritten letters are kind of awkward, but I wanted to say thank you to the fans for all the unforgettable memories we created during the six years with the members. As I look back, there were many difficult and painful times as well as happy times, but if we didn’t have the support and encouragement from the fans, I wouldn’t be who I am now. Just like the love that the fans have given us, Fiestar will always support one in another in our positions now and become people who will always try their best. It’s still odd for me, Yezi, to be on my own, but I will work hard to prepare and show you guys a good image and good music. To our fans, who I am always sorry and so thankful for, I love you.

Linzy’s letter reads,


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기사보고 많이들 놀라셨죠.. ? 우선 기사가 나가기 전에 먼저 말씀을 못 드린 점은 정말 죄송하게 생각하고 있습니다.. 2012년도에 데뷔해서 지금까지 6년이라는 시간동안 팬분들과 함께해서 너무 기쁘고 행복했습니다..!! 마지막이라고 생각하기 보단.. 새로운 또 다른 출발선으로 가기위한 과정이라 여겨주시고 부디 많은 격려 부탁드립니다…! 그동안 피에스타를 사랑 해 주셔서 너무 진심으로 대단히 감사드리고. . 앞으로도 저희 다섯 멤버들을 포함한 저 린지의 행보에도 많은 응원 부탁드립니다.. .. 피에스타 멤버들과 함께여서, 팬 여러분들과 함께여서 너무나 행복했고.. 영원히 그 감사함 잊지 않으며 살겠습니다. 다시한번, 너무나 그동안 감사드리고, 앞으로도 잘 부탁드립니다..!! I don’t know what to say first. Guess you all got surprised by the article telling our breakup. That makes me feel so sorry that we didn’t let you know before it. Making debut in 2012, we’ve been blissfully happy with your love. For now, I still have hope for that you will think of this not just as the end of Fiestar, but as a new fine way for me to give the love in return. I should say I really appreciate your cheering during the past 6 years and hopefully hope it won’t stop. We, 5 of us as Fiestar, will never forget the love you all gave us. Once more, I really appreciate it. Truly yours, Linzy.

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Hello, this is FIestar’s Linzy. It has been awhile so I am happy to write to you guys, but sorry! I grew up without sisters and the Fiestar members were like sisters to me. But just like group promotions, it is time for Fiestar to come to an end. From the time when I could tell the world about Fiestar’s Linzy for the first in 2012 until now are extremely valuable to me and I am very thankful for these times. I think I was happy these past six years because of my members and our Let’s fans. It is not the end for us; we have made the decision for us to go on our separate, better paths and instead of being regretful, I hope you can cheer for us all instead. Now there is a pressure to be strong by myself but I am going to face these new challenges and a new beginning! Please support and me and the members until the end. I was so happy that you guys were with us until now and I want to thank all of you for loving Fiestar! I won’t forget all our times together. I love you.


Hyemi’s letter reads,


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To: Let’s and Everyone Who Supported Fiestar
Hello, this is Fiestar’s Hyemi. It is my first time in awhile from met to greet you and I am sorry that I have to tell you this kind of news. To our fans, who I really do miss, I can’t even express how thankful I am for always cheering us on loudly and for being our strength. Listening to our Fiestar albums really brought back all those memories and it felt strange. I will never forget the memories we made while promoting for six years, the staff who had worked so hard, and the members who went through a roller coaster of emotions together! I hope many of you will continue to support all of the individual members in the future. I too will work so that I can show you good things soon! Be happy everyone!

From, Hyemi.

Jei had also posted a letter, but the post has since been deleted from her Instagram.

5. 1NB

Only four months after their debut, the girls announced their disbandment on VLive. Trivus Entertainment decided to have the girls focus on solo activities instead of group activities, leading the group to dissolve.

On April 27, the group announced their disbandment on Instagram.


Member and leader Minjae announced via Instagram on July 25th that group had chosen to go their own ways and start fresh. Despite promoting for six years, they saw very little success and opted to start their own individual paths. Members Ari and Jerry had also left messages for the fans on their personal Instagram accounts.

7. BESTie

Though no official statement was released by YNB Entertainment, it is safe to say that the group will no longer be promoting together. Their last comeback was in May 2015 and members Uji and Dahye left the group in 2017. Hyeyeon left the company in 2018 and had signed under STAR ENT, debuting under them as a solo trot singer.

8. Secret

Though TS Entertainment has not released a statement on the group’s current situation, the chance of them promoting together as a group is slim to none. Hyoseong and Jieun are in legal disputes with the company – Hyoseong claimed that she was not receiving proper payments from the company and Jieun stating that TS Entertainment had violated terms of the contact. The members have all gone into acting except for Jung Hana, who has opened a YouTube channel.

Jieun is currently in dispute with TS Entertainment for signing with Haehwadal Entertainment. TS Entertainment claims she signed a double contract since her contract with them had yet to be terminated.

9. Uni.T

Uni.T was a temporary girl group made by KBS’s The Unit. The group features girl group members who had debuted but didn’t reach stardom. Their contract ended on October 12, 2018.

10. Rainz

Like JBJ, Rainz was a group that consisted of Produce 101 Season 2 contestants who didn’t make it to the final line-up. Their contract ended on October 28th and the members have since returned to their respective companies. Currently, Kim Seongri and Hong Eunki are pursuing acting while Ju Wontak debuted as a soloist. Byun Hyunmin has returned to K-Tigers.

In regards to their disbandment, their management had thanked their fans for their support and that they were to return to their labels on October 28. They concluded their activities as a group with Japanese promotions.

11. Triple H

Though Cube Entertainment has not confirmed their disbandment, it’s obvious that the group will not be promoting together. After the news broke out that Triple H members HyunA and E’Dawn were dating, Cube Entertainment terminated their contract under the premise that they couldn’t “trust them” anymore. In an official statement, Cube Entertainment stated,

Cube Entertainment has officially reached the decision to kick out HyunA and Pentagon’s E’Dawn from the label.
After numerous discussions, it pains us to say that it will be difficult for us to rebuild the loyalty that has been broken and the trust between these two artists. As a result, we have made the decision to force them out Cube Entertainment.

HyunA and E’Dawn have since signed with P-Nation and are still a happy couple. Triple H member Hui is still signed under Cube Entertainment and is promoting as a member of Pentagon.

12. Troublemaker

Another sub-unit HyunA was part of while in Cube Entertainment, the chances of her and Hyunseung promoting together is little to none. Currently, Hyunseung has enlisted as a soldier for the military.

13. Wanna One

Wanna One features the boys who had won a spot in the final line-up of Mnet’s survival show Produce 101 Season 2.  The group’s concerts expired on December 31, 2018, though they still attended award shows together until the start of 2019 and had one final concert in January 2019 as a final goodbye to the fans.

The boys released the song “Spring Breeze” as a goodbye gift for their fans, the Wannables. The song talks about seeing each other again when the spring breeze arrives.

Currently, Yoon Jisung is promoting as a musical star and a soloist. Ha Sungwoon is promoting both in HOTSHOT and as a soloist. Hwang Minhyun has returned to his group NU’EST and Lai Kuanlin has debuted in a sub-unit with Pentagon’s WooseokPark Woojin and Lee Daehwi will debut in AB6IX and Bae Jinyoung will debut in C9BOYZ. Park Jihoon is currenly a soloist while Ong Seongwoo is an actor.

Kang Daniel is currently in dispute with his company LM Entertainment.

14. Boys Republic

Although they initially announced they were just going on a hiatus, the group called it quits on September 28th with a final album entitled “Ending Credit”. They had their final showcase on September 30th and disbanded.

They released the song “You’re My” as a goodbye gift to their fans. The music video features clips of them practicing, filming for their music videos, performing on stage, and meeting their fans.