Here’s How YG, JYP, And SM Differ When It Comes To Dating Rules

They all differ quite a bit!

K-Pop idols dating has always been a touchy topic, as many netizens and “fans” believe idols shouldn’t be allowed to date for the “sake of their fans”. K-Pop companies all have different viewpoints about dating. The “Big 3” in K-Pop (JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment) all have different dating rules when it comes to their idols. Here’s a look at what the rules are at these respective companies

1. YG Entertainment

When Yang Hyun Suk was the head of YG Entertainment, their artists usually were banned from dating for an unknown amount of time. BLACKPINK revealed in the past that rookies at the company are banned from dating.

Not only BLACKPINK, but iKON‘s Bobby has also revealed in the past that artists at the company are banned from dating.

However, this dating ban eventually goes away after some time, as lots of artists at YG Entertainment have been in relationships. Former iKON member B.I once humorously revealed that the dating ban gets lifted once an artist makes a certain amount of money.

It wasn’t for a certain amount of time. It was more like if you make enough money.

— B.I

Also, this dating ban doesn’t apply for all artists, as AKMU‘s Chanhyuk revealed in the past that he never had a dating ban placed on him.

There is no such as a dating ban for me. Yang Hyun Suk gave me total freedom to date, he doesn’t really pay attention to me that much. Yang Hyun Suk told me I could date if I want because I write music.

— Chanhyuk

2. JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment is more simple about their dating rules, as Park Jin Young has stated multiple times in the past that artists aren’t allowed to date for the first three years of their careers.

The dating ban was initially five years. But no one kept the rule, so it was shorted to three.

— Park Jin Young

However, this doesn’t apply to all artists at the company, as Baek Ah Yeon once revealed that the company never placed a dating ban on her.

The company encourages me to go outside, meet people and date. They say it’s good to have experiences and emotions for singing and songwriting.

I want to date once I find a good person.

— Baek Ah Yeon 

3. SM Entertainment

It seems that SM Entertainment is the least strict when it comes to dating, as they seemingly don’t place restrictions on their artists. A former trainee at the company once revealed that the company doesn’t have an explicit dating ban. Actress Lee Yeon Hee also once revealed on an episode of Radio Star that the company doesn’t have a problem with dating, they have a problem with their artists getting caught.

Source: Naver