Here Are 15 Of ITZY Chaeryeong’s Most Iconic Stage Outfits

#4 brings out her inner goddess!

ITZY’s Chaeryeong has sported some unforgettable looks on stage. Check out her top 15 most fun and bold looks that you’ll wish she would wear again!

1. Nobody will forget this unique and iconic top.

2. Layering leather overalls over a cool sports bra created the perfect edgy look.

3. This bright and bold outfit will catch any fan’s attention.

4. Chaeryeong gave major princess vibes in this pretty dress and leather glove.

5. She was innocent yet tough in this all-white ensemble.

6. Pairing checkered print with neon just screams “ITZY!”

7. She suits bright colors like yellow to match her personality.

8. The one sleeve on this crop top was an unexpected twist that made her outfit even more interesting.

9. She kept this all-black look from being too simple by combining textures like leather and sequins.

10. She suited this more casual look but still looked like a mermaid in this gorgeous top.

11. Tye-dye is so popular right now and she incorporated it flawlessly into her look.

12. This pretty outfit is simple to recreate yet still glam.

13. You can never go wrong with an embellished leather bodice!

14. High-waisted skirts and crop tops highlight her tiny waist.

15. Using different shades of one color for your top, bottoms, and nails creates a gradient effect.