3 Korean Actors Who Made Heartbreaking Confessions So Far In 2021

Number 2 is both heartbreaking and touching.

This year has been filled with Korean celebrities making heartbreaking confessions, and Korean actors are no exception. Here are 3 Korean actors who made heartbreaking confessions this year.

1. Song Joong Ki

Actor Song Joong Ki

For the film Space Sweepers, Song Joong Ki played the character Kim Tae Ho.

Song Joong Ki in Space Sweepers

During a press conference, Song Joong Ki revealed that he viewed Kim Tae Ho as someone who had given up on life. He then shared that he felt very similar to Kim Tae Ho.

I thought of him (Kim Tae Ho) as a person who had given up on life and someone who has no thoughts of his own and feels unmotivated. I feel like Kim Tae Ho’s feelings were very similar to that of me, Song Joong Ki, in real life when I first started filming.

— Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki in Space Sweepers | Netflix

Song Joong Ki concluded by sharing that Kim Tae Ho didn’t stay this way forever, as he met a crew that helps him in his life.

After Tae Ho goes through many ups and downs and gives up on life, he meets a crew that helps him find a meaning in life, gain courage, and feel a little more motivated. In that sense, the crew helped him a lot.

— Song Joong Ki

2. Yeo Jin Goo

Actor Yeo Jin Goo

In an interview with GQ Korea, actor Yeo Jin Goo spoke about how the K-Dramas The Crowned Clown and Hotel Del Luna helped him become a better actor.

In The Crowned Clown, it was very challenging to play two roles at once, but it gave me a chance to get a sense of how I act. Hotel Del Luna was a project in which I felt like I could praise myself. I realized that it was okay to act the way I wanted and still receive a lot of love and praise. It was so overwhelming then.

— Yeo Jin Goo

Actor Yeo Jin Goo | GQ Korea

Before acting in The Crowned Clown and Hotel Del Luna, Yeo Jin Goo was in a slump and wasn’t satisfied with his acting. Due to this, he went to receive help from his director and seniors. Thankfully, Yeo Jin Goo was able to get out of the slump after acting in these two K-Dramas.

Before, I was in a slump that wasn’t quite a slump. I listened and received praise while continuing to work, but I wasn’t satisfied with myself because I had no choice but to get help from the director and seniors. But with Hotel Del Luna and The Crowned Clown, I did my own analysis into the scene, made more opinions, and did what I prepared. It was my first time acting like that, and I learned a lot. It made me excited to start work on the next project.

— Yeo Jin Goo

3. Choi Ye Bin

Actress Choi Ye Bin

In the K-Drama Penthouse, actress Choi Ye Bin played a young bully who suffers painful family circumstances that push her over the edge. Choi Ye Bin revealed that playing a bully wasn’t easy for her.

After filming a scene where I had to harass someone, I just felt really sorry. There were many times when I was miserable because I wasn’t sure if it was okay for a person to treat another person like that.

— Choi Ye Bin

Choi Ye Bin in Penthouse

Choi Ye Bin also shared that her back muscles were in a lot of pain when she was filming, so she’s had to do a lot of back stretching recently.

Since Eun Byeol was a character who was always tense, my upper back muscles would be in pain after from always being up. I do a lot of back stretching these days.

— Choi Ye Bin

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