4 Times K-Pop Idols Kept Longtime Promises To Their Fans

BTS’s Suga fulfilled a 4-year promise to ARMYs!

K-Pop idols constantly make promises to their fans, and they often keep their promises, even if it takes some time. Here are 4 times idols kept longtime promises to their fans.

1. Suga donating meat

Back in 2014 at a fan sign, BTS’s Suga asked ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) if there was anything they wanted to eat.

What do you want to eat?

— Suga

The ARMYs in attendance told Suga that they wanted to eat beef, and Suga promised that he would treat them to beef when he makes money.

Let’s go eat it together next time. For real.

— Suga

Suga was asked about this at a fan sign event in 2015, he vowed to fulfill his promise on March 9, 2018.

On March 9, 2018, Suga not only donated 10 kg (~22 lbs) of Korean Hanwoo beef (top grade beef from Korea) but also signed copies of BTS’s albums to 39 orphanages in the name of ARMY!

BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment), made a statement about Suga’s donation and why he couldn’t have a meat party with ARMYs.

We know that Suga donated Hanwoo to 39 orphanages on March 9th, his birthday, in the name of ARMY for all their fans. It’s hard for him to have a meat party with fans. So instead, he donated in the name of ARMY to express his gratitude to fans.

— Big Hit Music

BTS’s Suga

2. IU attending a fan’s graduation

At a fan meeting in 2018, IU promised a fan who was a senior in high school that she would make a surprise visit to their school. IU initially promised that she would attend the high school’s festival, but the festival had already passed.


IU, however, still wanted to keep her promise to this fan, so she attended the fan’s graduation ceremony in 2019! IU appeared at the graduation ceremony with flowers for the fan and other students as well. She also performed a few songs at the graduation ceremony!

3. I.O.I reuniting on their 5th anniversary

I.O.I was a project group formed through Produce 101, and they were active from 2016-2017. The members made a promise in 2016 that they would reunite in 5 years.

In 2021, the members kept their promise and reunited for a live broadcast to celebrate IOI’s 5th anniversary!

4. BTS’s V framing an ARMY’s artwork

In 2019, BTS’s V asked ARMYs if they could turn him into a Simpsons character. He also said that he would frame a picture!

Can you draw me as a Simpson? I want to frame it. I want to see a V Simpson and a Tannie Simpson too. ARMYs who are good at drawing, if you have time, just once.

— V


ARMYs immediately got to work and started making V x The Simpsons fan art. Nearly a year after V made the request, he fulfilled his promise to frame ARMY’s fan art!

Bonus: Brave Brothers buying Brave Girls Chanel bags

This one is a little different, but Brave Brothers kept his promise with Brave Girls after 4 years! Brave Girls’ song “Rollin,” which was released in 2017, went viral in Korea in 2021, and the group who were on the verge of disbanding had their fate completely turned around! Brave Girls were able to achieve their first music show win in 2021 with “Rollin.”

Brave Brothers, the CEO of Brave Girls’ agency, promised Brave Girls in 2017 that he would buy them Chanel bags if they got a music show win. And Brave Brothers ended up keeping his promise!

We still haven’t received the Chanel bags, but he said he ordered them already.

— Brave Girls

Brave Brothers

Since so much time had passed, Brave Brothers initially forgot he even made this promise!

He asked us, ‘Did I say that?’

— Brave Girls

Brave Girls

Brave Brothers even ordered different bags that would suit each member individually!

He told us that he went online and ordered different bags that suit each of us individually.

— Brave Girls

In the end, Brave Brothers bought each of the four members an adorable Chanel bag that the members can match with together!