5+ Facts You Might Not Know About The Most Divisive “Boys Planet” Contestant, Krystian

He’s been an active singer since 2017.

Mnet‘s Boys Planet is currently airing, and one of the most well-known trainees is Krystian (also known as Krystian Wang).

Krystian | Mnet

Already Mnet has come under fire for its “evil editing,” which viewers believe is trying to portray Krystian as “rude” and dramatic, even though many are coming to his defense.

Similarly, dance mentor Mihawk Back (also known as Baek Koo Young) has been called out for his offensive and misogynistic comments toward Krystian.

But despite the controversy, Krystian is receiving immense praise from netizens for his performances on the show.

Here are six facts you may not know about Krystian.

1. Boys Planet isn’t his first survival show

Krystian is actually a survival show expert. He first competed in the Chinese reality show Super Boy in 2017, finishing in seventh place.

Then in 2020, he participated in the third season of the Chinese reality show Youth With You 3.

Krystian for You With Youth 3

Now he is competing in Boys Planet, where all of his experience will surely be a great asset.

Krystian for Boys Planet | Mnet

2. He is a member of an international group

Krystian was announced as a member of Now United, an international group, in November 2017.

Krystian had been actively involved in Now United until he appeared on Youth With You 3, having since gone on an indefinite hiatus.

3. He has made his solo debut

In addition to being a part of Now United, Krystian made his solo debut in 2022 with the EP Krystian, which included the tracks “DIVO” and “LUCIFER.”

Both songs show off his dance and vocal skill as well as his charisma.

4. Not only is he a singer and dancer, but Krystian is also a model

Krystian’s experience as a performer is undoubtedly helping him stand out among the trainees on Boys Planet. Although the singer is versed in dancing, singing, and songwriting, he has also regularly worked as a model, regularly showing his charisma and charms.

5. He studied in New York

Krystian was born in Beijing, China, but when he was 15 years old, he went by himself to study in New York. His experience abroad likely helped him become a fluent English speaker.

6. He may be the most successful BLACKPINK Lisa fanboy

Krystian has never hidden his admiration for BLACKPINK or his bias Lisa. But while competing in Youth With You 3, Krystian might have become the most successful Lisa fanboy, getting a solo class with the talented mentor…

And even a specially signed album with a heart beside his Chinese name Nanjun.

You can watch Krystian’s most recent Boys Planet fancam here.

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