Here Are The Top 10 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Was The “Ending Fairy”

Wait for the surprise at the end!

MAMAMOO’s Solar knows how to finish a performance. From giggly smiles to sexy stares, here are 10 of her best “ending fairy” moments!

1. She slayed the hearts of fangirls and fanboys during “Spit It Out.”


2. On the contrary, she can be the squishiest cutie when she giggles.


3. Admit it: Your heart felt something.

4. We stan a goofball.

5. Her tiny finger heart and cute expression are equally funny and adorable.


6. Solar stans, prepare yourself for this one.

7. The smile that could light up a room!

8. Peace out.

9. She seriously couldn’t get any cuter.

10. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the gaze of a model!

Bonus: Here are the other MAMAMOO members as ending fairies!