Here’s 10+ Moments From BTS’s RM And Jin’s “NamJin” Live That You Need To See

They even introduced themselves as “NamJin!”

BTS‘s RM and Jin treated fans to their highly anticipated live broadcast. Jin had previously teased it during the Zoom fanmeeting but said that he would have to go live by himself because RM would be getting a haircut.

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It’s been a couple of weeks, and the two finally went live together! This time, RM decided to save the haircut for after the live broadcast ended. In case you missed it or want to relive some of the best moments, here are 10+ moments from the “NamJin” live that you need to see…

1. When they congratulated V and his fiancé

2. When RM’s hands were just too big…

3. When their telepathy was “great”

4. When RJ went on a diet

5. When RM just wanted to join RJ’s family

6. It’s not a NamJin live if they don’t have a whole laughing fit

7. When they teased a new album

8. Their photoshoot

9. Introducing themselves literally as “NamJin”

10. Jin’s English skills flexing

11. RM and Jin sharing their love with ARMY

12. When they were YouTubers…

13. When they revealed their dads are besties too

14. When they chose J-Hope and Suga to be the next duo to go live

15. Their short cover of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches”

16. And last but certainly not least…

You’re welcome.

Check out RM’s new hairstyle below:

BTS’s RM Goes From Blonde To Black Within The Span Of A Couple Of Hours

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