8 Of MOMOLAND Nancy’s Outfits That Said “F*** You” To Korean Body Beauty Standards

Who says curvy girls can’t rock outfits like #3?

Nancy of MOMOLAND receives recognition for her curvier body type. In an industry like K-Pop where thin bodies are the majority, Nancy goes against the norm. Here are 8 of her outfits where she owned her curves and proved any body type can rock any clothes they want!

1. A pink shirt and denim shorts are simple but effective.

Nancy’s tight shorts-and-shirt combo accentuated her curves.



Some “bunny” tell her how good she looks, please.

2. She becomes an athletic goddess in a sporty fit.

She rocks cropped jerseys with high-waisted shorts for an athletic look.

No matter the color, she kills it.

3. She owns a tight off-the-shoulder top.

Some might say bigger chested girls can’t rock a tight top, but Nancy begs to differ!


She proves you don’t need to be stick thin to show some arm…and she looks incredible.


4. She belongs in a glam dress.

The sparkles really accentuate her everything, and we’re living for it.



Despite being criticized for weight gain, she proves her lovely curves go well with a glamorous dress.

5. Only a true queen can rock a plain white tank top.

Nancy shows some tasteful skin…


…and as always, she owns the look!


6. White shorts do wonders.

Whoever said curvy girls can’t wear lighter colors on the bottom obviously hasn’t met Nancy.


Any body type can rock the summery look!

7. A basic look on a not-so-basic girl.


Nancy doesn’t hide her curves and instead embraces them.

8. Daisy dukes? Not a problem.

Seriously, is there anything Nancy doesn’t look good in?



She shows you don’t need to be teeny-tiny to rock some denim shorts!

How do Netizens react to Nancy’s curvy body in an industry as thin as K-Pop? Read below to find out (Hint: You’ll be pleasantly surprised)!

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