NCT Is Turning Into A Group Of Actors As 4 Members Are Set To Star In Dramas And Movies In 2022

They’re debuting as romantic leads and even action stars!

This year will see several members of NCT make their acting debuts, while one makes his return to acting with a brand new K-Drama. It’s a big step forward for the members, especially considering how far they have come in their careers as K-Pop idols already. As they explore new areas, the members continue to expand their artistic talent and bringing NCTzens that much more content to love.

Here are 4 members of NCT that fans will be able to see in shows and movies this year!


1. Winwin — The Shadow and Sweet Games

Winwin is set to make his acting debut with the Chinese drama The Shadow, which is a period drama set during the Republic Era of China. The show began production in October 2021, and is due to be released this year.

Additionally, Winwin is also starring in the romance drama Sweet Games, which is currently being filmed.


Yuta will be making an impressive acting debut in the popular Japanese multimedia franchise HiGH&LOW. Yuta will be turning not only into an actor but into a full-blown action star. The first trailer gave fans a glimpse at Yuta’s villainous character, while he showed off some serious martial arts skills. HiGH&LOW: THE WORST X is due to be released in September.

3. Doyoung — To X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Doyoung is set to make his return to acting with TVING‘s To X Who Doesn’t Love Me, where he will be playing the male lead Jung Si Ho. Having previously starred in Café Midnight Season 3: The Curious Stalker, as well as in the musical Marie Antoinette, Doyoung is by now one of the most experienced actors in NCT (and Haechan‘s favorite actor). To X Who Doesn’t Love Me is due to be released in July.

4. Jaehyun — Dear. M

Jaehyun will finally be making his long-awaited acting debut with KBS‘s Dear. M. The show was postponed in 2021 after actress Park Hye Su became embroiled in a bullying controversy. Fans were disappointed that they wouldn’t get to see Jaehyun as an actor, especially since his own members revealed that he had been working almost non-stop shooting the show and working on NCT’s Resonance comeback at the same time. NCTzens celebrated the news that Dear. M would be released this year, especially since Jaehyun’s second acting job was also canceled. Dear.M will release on June 29.