NCT’s Haechan Is An Expert At Instagram, Even If He Barely Uses It — Here’s 3 Reasons Why

He even discovered this feature before the other members did!

NCT‘s Haechan surprised fans when an official Instagram account launched for him — though he had no clue it was made. Even though he’s said before he has no interest in Instagram other than for its livestreaming feature, he’s proven to be quite Instagram-savvy!

Haechan from NCT. | @nct127/Instagram

His account (@fullsun_ncit) was created for NCT 127‘s clever university hacker concept and ever since it was made, he hasn’t posted a single thing on his feed. Haechan has, however, gone live a few times and showed off a bit of his Instagram knowledge!

1. Filters

NCT love using different Instagram filters when they go live — in fact, most of their livestreams consist of them playing around with the different options! We’re not complaining, though; it makes for some incredible screenshots. Haechan is equally as obsessed with the different filters! He always makes sure to give fans ample “capture time,” where he’ll do various poses and let fans take as many screenshots as we can.

2. Questions Box

Even though multiple other members of NCT had Instagram accounts before Haechan, none of them ever utilized the “Questions” feature during an IG Live! Using this feature, viewers can leave questions that the person can then answer or even show on screen.

Most of the NCT members just read the comments in order to catch questions, but Haechan showed them how to use the Questions box! He discovered it on his own during his first ever livestream and then showed it to Doyoung and Johnny the next day.


One feature of Instagram is that livestreams don’t automatically save onto your page so once it ends, if it isn’t saved, it’s gone forever (well, as “gone” as anything on the Internet can be). It’s a fear of fans everywhere that their idol will go live without them seeing, but Haechan figured out how to save his livestream on his page!

Using the IGTV (Instagram TV) feature, you can save your IG Lives for people to watch later. Most of the other NCT members don’t use this feature, leaving NCTzens to search YouTube or Twitter for clips. But Haechan saved it on his page!

Haechan saved his Instagram live titled “LeeDong Instalive.” | @fullsun_ncit/Instagram

Even though he’s not a big fan of Instagram and didn’t plan on keeping his page once these promotions are over, there’s no denying Haechan is picking up on how Instagram works super fast. Read more about his thoughts on Instagram below!

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