“Player 9”: 7 Things You Might Not Know About Cho Gue Sung

Athleticism AND good looks run in the family.

BTS Jungkook‘s presence at the 2022 FIFA World Cup had ARMYs tuning in to watch the competition…and “Player 9.”

Cho Gue Sung

Cho Gue Sung, who plays forward for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and the South Korea national team, is experiencing a sudden surge in popularity. His handsome looks and athletic skills have captured the attention of K-Pop fans worldwide. Here are 7 things you might not know about “Player 9!”

1. He comes from an athletic family.

Cho hasn’t revealed much about his family, but according to various news reports, both his mother and father were athletes. His mother was reportedly a professional volleyball player, and his father was part of a soccer club.

2. His sister is gorgeous.

After Cho Gue Sung went viral, it didn’t take curious fans long to track down his sister on Instagram.

Cho Gue Sung’s sister | @twowon2014/Instagram

How can one family be so talented and so attractive? It hardly seems fair!

Cho Gue Sung’s sister | @twowon2014/Instagram

3. He got caught up in dating rumors with a model…

…but those rumors are false. Model Ji Minju‘s agency quickly clarified their original statement and shut down the rumors for good.

Ji Minju | Musinsa

Ji Minju and Cho Gue Sung are not dating. Please refrain from making unwarranted assumptions.


4. His father gives great advice.

Cho Gue Sung’s father, Cho Chae Hwan, advised him to choose teams based on his own preferences rather than the team’s prestige.

The advice I have given my son is when he signs for a team abroad, go to a club that can play the way he likes, rather than choosing a club because they are a big name. He needs a club that will help him adapt and settle down to a new lifestyle on and off the pitch.

— Cho Chae Hwan

He’s very proud of everything Cho Gue Sung has achieved at the World Cup.

He has had a great time at the World Cup, and I am certainly very proud of him.

— Cho Chae Hwan

5. He knows all about K-Pop

In an interview, Cho Gue Sung revealed that soccer players in the military often request songs by IVE.

Need proof? Here’s a clip of players from South Korea’s national soccer team dancing to “LOVE DIVE” in the changing room.

6. He did not star in a Boys Love K-Drama…

…though a viral video suggests otherwise. After a match at the World Cup, Cho Gue Sung kissed his teammate Lee Kang In in celebration. The video racked up millions of views in the blink of an eye.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users flocked to the comment section, and these replies stole the show.

7. What really went down with Christiano Ronaldo

Cho Gue Sung went viral for his good looks, his accidental BL moment, and butting heads with Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo during a match. Cho allegedly rushed Ronaldo off the field, by saying, “You fast, fast!” in English.

In an interview, Cho explained what really happened. He didn’t cuss out Ronaldo, but rather expressed his frustration through a “get out” gesture.

A little bit more ‘Get out’ gestures or something like that. I guess I was a little sensitive. We’re in the middle of a game and now we have to win.

— Cho Gue Sung

Source: Scotsman

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