8 Reasons Why EXO’s Chen Will Be The Best Husband Ever

He’s a real-life Prince Charming.

EXO‘s Chen just announced his plans to marry his girlfriend, who is reportedly pregnant with their first child. The identity of Chen’s non-celebrity fiancé is unknown, but what is known is that she’s officially the luckiest woman in the world! Here’s why Chen will be the best husband ever.


1. His love is forever

In his handwritten letter to fans, Chen revealed his plans for marriage. “I have a girlfriend who I want to be with for the rest of my life,” he wrote. Here’s to their long and happy life together!


2. He stands by his loved ones through good times and bad times

EXO has gone through a lot in the last eight years. From lawsuits, to dating news, to malicious rumors, Chen has stood by his members through thick and thin. He’s proven that true love can conquer all, so long as you never give up on it.


3. He treats women with respect

Chen has affectionately been called a “fansign boyfriend” because of the love and kindness he shows fans at events.


Chen is always polite and respectful to women, whether they’re fans, staff members, or idols.


4. Romance? He’s a master at it.

If this “Sunrise” duet with Kim Bokyung is even 1/10th of the romance Chen brings to his real relationships, then his fiancé is a very, very…


very lucky woman!


We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!


5. He is a devoted caretaker

“Taking care of everyone around him, very well-mannered, he’s really the same from start until now,” D.O once said about Chen. “So from start and then now, I think Chen will be the same in the future.”  


Chen is always taking care of his members, whether that means offering moral support, or a little grooming!


6. He will look after his wife’s health

Need some digestive medicine? Chen comes prepared! Chen takes care of his own health and the health of his loved ones.


He even bought this mother-to-be prenatal vitamins as a gift!


7. He can provide for his family financially

Some stars spend every dollar they make on sports cars and other luxuries, but you don’t hear much about Chen’s spending habits. As a top idol, he’s in a great position to offer a life of comfort to his future wife and child.


8. He brings sunshine to the rainiest days

Chen is an upbeat and positive person who looks on the bright side of things. Who wouldn’t want a husband with that kind of attitude?

EXO Chen's Marriage & Wife's Pregnancy