6 Times Staff Members Crossed The Line With K-Pop Idols

Netizens were furious about #4.

From company staff to airport security, the staff that work alongside K-Pop idols are there to help them as much as they can. Loved by fans, many of the greatest staff members have special bonds with the idols they work with.

Former BTS manager Sejin was a loved and well-respected staff member.

However, there are unfortunately some scenarios where a staff member may abuse their position of power with horrible actions, including leaking private photos or even physically abuse an idol. Here are 6 times when netizens believe that staff had gone way too far.


While in the Philippines for their recent MANIFESTO tour, fans were concerned when airport staff filmed the ENHYPEN members going through security.

Staff in their uniforms were spotted filming the members. Additionally, some fans believe the airport staff had unprofessional behavior while the members went through security measure.

Airport staff records the members on their phones as they walk by.

2. BTS

There have been various instances where fans were concerned for BTS’s safety around staff. Some of the examples show staff members taking photos of the members or looking into a room where the members are resting.

A blurred staff member takes a photo of Jin on her phone.

A staff member looks into a room where Jungkook and Suga are resting.

A staff member takes a photo of Jin in a hotel. (Part 1)

A staff member takes a photo of Jin in a hotel. (Part 2)

A previous staff member was accused of raising his hand at Jungkook.

3. TXT

Staff surrounding TXT have been criticized for letting sasaeng fans crowd them at the airport.

Sasaengs crowd TXT inside the airport gates.

Fans have also raised concerns over a photo of Yeonjun holding an umbrella for a staff member. Typically, a staff member will hold the belongings and/or umbrella for the idol, not the other way around.

Yeonjun holds an umbrella for a staff member.

Additionally, fans believed a staff member tried to sneak photos of Beomgyu and Hueningkai.

Staff sneaks a photo of TXT.

4. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Netizens were outraged when photoshopped hidden camera photographs of Nancy spread through social media. The photographs were allegedly taken by a MLD Entertainment staff member while Nancy was changing outfits while hosting the 2019 Asia Artist Awards.

15 months later, the photographs were allegedly shared through a discord server with over 500 members, which then spilled over to social media.

MLD Entertainment then released a statement promising to take legal action against everyone involved, including those who spread the photos online.


During a livestream, an off-screen member was allegedly slapped by a male staff member for handing the 4 members jackets to cover their legs.

What are you doing, covering [their legs] up? We’re trying to show them, why are you covering it? Are you stupid?

— Male staff


OMEGA X made headlines when reports of their company CEO physically and verbally abusing the members were exposed in October of 2022.

Most recently, the members have won the lawsuit against Spire Entertainment. Check out the full timeline of events here.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles before the first video of abuse was released. | @OmegaX_official/Twitter