4 Of The Tiniest Things K-Pop Idols Wore As Tops 

You won’t find these “shirts” on shelves.

K-Pop idols have worn just about everything, but some of their stylists have taken fashion to the next level! Here are 4 of the tiniest (and most unexpected) items female stars have worn as shirts.

1. Karina (aespa)

Masks aren’t just for keeping COVID-19 at bay — they’re a fashion statement. When aespa performed a “Relay Dance” version of their song “Next Level” on Mnet‘s M2 YouTube channel, Karina stood out for several reasons.

| M2/YouTube 

As always, her dance skills and visuals were on point, but fans also noticed her unusual Alexander Wang top.

Karina | M2/YouTube

Her top was a bandana mask that was made to be worn as a face covering. At the time, it retailed for $45 USD.

| Alexander Wang

2. Yoon (STAYC)

Designers and stylists are always starting new trends, but not everyone can pull off Yoon’s look! In the teaser for STAYC’s “RUN2U,” Yoon wore an unusual corset…

…made out of running shoes.

The shoes in question were Adidas‘s Response Classic, which have been resold for over $100 USD.

| Adidas


TWICE once showcased their slender figures by wearing scarves as tops for their tropical “Alcohol-Free” comeback concept.

Sana | @twicewear/Instagram

The Hermes and Versace scarves were styled as tube tops that wouldn’t look out of place at the beach…

Jihyo | @twicewear/Instagram

…and they worked as skirts too!

Chaeyoung | @twicewear/Instagram
Jihyo | @twicewear/Instagram

These scarves might not look too luxurious compared to the tops and skirts TWICE usually wears, but they cost just as much. At the time, TWICE’s designer scarves cost from $300 USD to over $1,100!

Chaeyoung | @twicewear/Instagram
Momo | @twicewear/Instagram
Nayeon | @twicewear/Instagram
Jeongyeon | @twicewear/Instagram

4. Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin marches to the beat of her own drum, and her cutting-edge fashion often reflects this.

During a performance of ITZY’s “WANNABE” on M Countdown, Ryujin wore what appeared to be a bandeau-style bra underneath a mesh shirt.

To everyone’s surprise, her top was actually a pair of expensive briefs!

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