5 Times TWICE’s Momo Was The Very Definition Of A Scorpio

Momo’s sign fits her perfectly!

TWICE‘s Momo is the true definition of a Scorpio!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Scorpios are confident, caring, and very charismatic. People are instantly drawn to their mysterious, alluring vibe and always want to know more about this water sign.

Here are 5 moments when Momo’s zodiac sign fit her perfectly!

1. When she stuck to her vocal practice routine despite her busy tour schedule

Scorpios are very dedicated, and they work relentlessly toward their goals. Even when they’ve reached massive success (like Momo has as a TWICE member), they’re always looking for ways to improve themselves. While touring the US on the III tour, Momo consistently practiced her vocals, as her vocal coach revealed in an Instagram post. Momo’s hard work definitely paid off, and her vocals continuously wowed ONCEs during the tour!

2. When she encouraged Tzuyu to do whatever she wanted with her hair, no matter what the staff said

Scorpios live by their own rules, and they encourage others to do the same. Back in 2019, Tzuyu wanted bangs, but the staff didn’t let her get them. During a live stream, Momo told her to get bangs if she wanted them because her hairstyle should be her decision and not the company’s decision. Tzuyu ended up taking Momo’s advice, and her bangs were beautiful!

3. Whenever she turns her charisma up on stage

Scorpios are a super charismatic bunch! Although Momo is charming and charismatic off stage, she turns her charisma up by a million notches when she takes the stage. You can’t help but be pulled in by her incredible stage presence!

4. When she became a truly fierce competitor on TIME TO TWICE

Scorpios hate losing, and they have a fierce competitive streak! On the second season of TDOONG High School, Momo shook off her reputation for being bad at sports, put her game face on, and led her team to several victories. Like a true Scorpio, Momo can accomplish anything when she puts her mind to it!

5. When she created the most iconic choreographies

As water signs, Scorpios are incredibly tapped into their emotions and their creativity. Momo excels at expressing herself not only through writing songs like “Love Foolish,” but also through creating choreography. She famously choreographed the “Likey” dance break, and she wowed audiences time and time again with her intricate choreographies on Hit the Stage.

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