8 Reasons Why TXT Could Be The Most Successful Debuting Group Ever

TXT hasn’t officially debuted yet, but the odds of success are on their side.

On January 11 (KST), BigHit Entertainment unveiled the first member of TXT, the first group to debut under the company in six years. TXT is also the first “brother group” of BTS, who have achieved unprecedented international success. Here are 8 reasons why TXT could continue BTS’s legacy by becoming the most success debuting group ever.


1. An established fanbase

BTS’s ARMY has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fanbase in the world and their support has helped BTS to achieve the fame they have today. Although BTS will always be #1 in ARMY’s hearts, their fanbase is welcoming TXT with open arms. This puts TXT at a huge advantage over many other debuting groups.


2. Marketing

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BigHit Entertainment has proven time and time again that they have one of the best and most innovative marketing teams around. When BTS debuted with this once unheard of company, their odds of success were slim to none.

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What changed that? Marketing. Their CEO took a gamble by skipping over the oversaturated Korean K-Pop market to appeal to international fans, and it worked. International fans were very receptive to BTS’s narrative concept. If TXT receives strong marketing and puts a fresh spin on their own narratives, then they have a strong shot at succeeding.


3. Self-composed music

BTS writes their music based on their own struggles and experiences, which millions of fans can strongly relate to. If TXT approaches their music with the same creativity, genuinity, and fearlessness, then they will likely gain a fan following as strong as ARMY.


4. Chemistry

One of the things fans love about BTS the most is the friendship between the members.

Even though all the members are very different, they mesh together well on stage and off the stage. Each member has a distinct personality that appeals to fans and contributes to the group in a unique way.

If the TXT members are half as close as the BTS members are then fans will be falling for them in no time!


5. No scandals

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Nothing kills a debuting group faster than a scandal. Before BTS, Bang Si Hyuk and Source Music co-created a 5-member girl group called GLAM. Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why GLAM disbanded so soon was because of multiple scandals. If TXT steers clear of scandals like BTS have, then they’ll be golden!


6. Neverending content

For a K-Pop company, one of the big advantages of having fewer group is having more time and resources to dedicate to those groups. BigHit Entertainment has produced a mind-blowing amount of BTS content in the last six years: MVs, reality shows, variety shows, behind the scenes clips, and much, much more.

Since TXT is only one of two BigHit Entertainment groups, chances are they will be producing a lot of content regularly.


7. A strong connection with their fandom

BTS’s fandom isn’t called “ARMY” for nothing. As mentioned, BTS fans have one of the strongest social media presences on the internet right now. If TXT frequently use social media to keep in touch with, and create content for, their dedicated fans (especially global fans who cannot attend in-person events) they will forge a strong bond with their supporters, just like BTS did with ARMY.


8. Skills

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BigHit Entertainment idols have proven to be some of the most well-rounded idols around. Chances are TXT will have many different, top-level talents that will pave their road to success.

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