6 New Hints And Clues About TXT’s Mysterious Debut Concept

These ideas might soon become facts.

BigHit Entertainment‘s highly anticipated new boy group TOGETHER X TOMORROW (aka TXT) hasn’t officially debuted yet, but the unveiling of their first member has stirred up a lot of excitement. It’s still unclear what TXT’s debut concept will be, but here are some compelling theories based on BigHit Entertainment’s hints and clues.


1. Physics

TXT’s new logo closely resembles the atom model.

The loops that form the letters ‘TXT’ may be based on the electrons that move around an atom.

If that’s the case, the plus signs seen here could be referencing positive charges. Let’s just say that if TXT are dabbling in physics, the possibilities for symbolism and storylines are endless!


2. Space

Before TXT released their most recent logo, many fans believed that their concept may have something to do with a solar eclipse.

Could TXT be going for an astronomy concept? We’ll just have to wait and see!


3. Dreams

When entering TXT’s website, users will see the words “You and I, different but together we explore one dream”.

The Morse code message heard at the end of Yeonjun’s trailer translates to “dreaming”. Some fans believe that Yeonjun is trapped in a dream world and is using Morse code to contact those outside of it. “Dream” or “dreaming” is also, interestingly enough, the opposite of BTS’s debut concept and song, “No More Dream”.


4. Retrofuturism

Yeonjun’s teaser trailer has a retro vibe to it, thanks to a nostalgic claw game and this karaoke room.

When this retro feeling is combined with the possible themes of space, physics, and exploration introduced in TXT’s logos and teasers, we get retrofuturism. Retrofuturism is essentially the idea of back on a dream-like tomorrow that never came to be.


5. Bears & Goblins

A white bear makes an appearance in Yeonjun’s intro trailer. This bear might seem random until you see the profile picture…

…on this “Blue Goblin TV” (tv파란도깨비) YouTube channel.

This channel is not the one listed on TXT’s official website, but fans aren’t convinced that its appearance is just a coincidence.


6. A Marvel-style BigHit Entertainment universe

Some fans believe that TXT will be adding new plotlines to the universe BTS introduced us to, or exploring an alternate reality. “You & I” might refer to BTS and TXT, two different groups within the same BigHit universe. The two circles in this image could represent TXT and BTS, joined at the middle.

Fans first came up with this theory when they noticed how similar these logos are.

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