7 Things That Tell Us More About TXT’s Yeonjun

They tell us more about his personality too!

While the mystery surrounding the TXT members continues, fans have discovered a few things that may indicate more about the first member, Yeonjun:


1. His graduation message to classmates

He left a thoughtful message to his classmates for graduation and drew a little drawing on the bottom that shows he must have a sense of humor.

Source: Twitter @/DuDu_TXT

“Congratulations on your graduation. Let’s all meet again next time. -Yeonjun-”


2. His pre-debut dance video of Jimin’s “Serendipity”

People have been speculating that the man in this video was pre-debut Yeonjun. And if it is indeed the idol, it may be safe to say that he in on par with the high standards of Big Hit after seeing him perfect this challenging choreography.


3. His dance practice video with former teacher

While it is unclear whether the “Serendipity” dance practice video actually features Yeonjun, what’s for sure is that Yeonjun’s dance skills have been impressive since before his debut as his former dance teacher, Thomaz Chee, shared a dance video of himself and Yeonjun taken in 2014, calling him “one of my cleanest students back then.” 


4. His appearance as V’s backup dancer for “Singularity”

Fans have also been speculating that one of the back dancers for V’s “Singularity” performance was Yeonjun. According to the fans, the features of the back dancer’s eyes and nose area are very similar to that of Yeonjun’s.


5. His ramen commercial

Yeonjun had apparently filmed a ramen commercial before his debut. As the boy in the red hoodie who catches the ramen, he can be heard saying, “Oh, it’s ramen!”


6. Former classmates’ opinions of him

Netizens who claim to have been Yeonjun’s former classmates only had good things to say about him.

“In high school, he was one grade below me but he was so handsome that rumors spread around the school as soon as he entered. He got along well with his classmates and my younger sibling told me he had a great personality too but he transferred schools in his 2nd year. His last name is Choi, Choi Yeonjun. He was born in 99 and he’s from Bundang. This much information should be okay, right?”

“Yeonjun is my friend, we live in the same neighborhood and went to high school together. He’s really kind and was super popular. In his first year of high school, he was a trainee at a different company but even then, he practiced so hard that he couldn’t even attend retreats. I hope a lot of people support him. He transferred schools in his 2nd year but I really hope he does really well. Congratulations on your debut, Yeonjun!”


7. More pre-debut photos

Fans have also discovered even more photos of pre-debut Yeonjun, most of which were taken at school around many students.


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