15 Weird Suga Facts That Only ARMYs Know About

True ARMYs know more than just the basics.

The more popular BTS gets, the more people want to know about them. Many basic Suga facts can now be found in magazines, but nobody knows him quite like his fans do. Here are 15 weird Suga facts that only ARMYs know!


1. One time, he stole Jungkook’s underwear to assert dominance.


2. He also threw a camera into a pool, to see if it was waterproof.


3. He can do a belly wave.

4. He doesn’t run. He waddles.


5. His physical age is 26, but his mental age is 85.


6. He likes to stack plushies on his head.


7. His satoori accent (regional dialect) jumps out when he’s nervous and when he cries.


8. One time, he did this.


9. He also pocketed a free mirror, even though he’s a millionaire.


10. Hugs? No. Holding hands is superior.


11. He often sleeps with his hands tucked between his knees.


12. He’s the world’s best backup dancer.


13. When he gets shy, he touches his ears, neck, or the back of his head.


14. When he gets super happy, he dances like this…


15. …and his gummy smile shows!


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15 Weird Jungkook Facts That Only ARMYs Know