Actor’s Horrific Past Comes To Light Ahead Of Anticipated BL Drama

Netizens want him replaced.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

A new BL drama is garnering attention, but not for the right reasons.


A trailer for the upcoming sci-fi BL (Boy Love) drama Q18 Quantum Dice: Allegory of the Quantum, starring former Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan and Chih Tian Shih, has been released. 

The story begins with the creation of two quantum AIs: Kuro and Shiro. Dr. Ke builds them with the intention of having these two AIs accompany and grow alongside his cryogenically frozen son, forging a unique friendship. After going through the five episodes of Q18, Kuro and Shiro gradually learn about human nature, evolving consciousness and emotions. Simultaneously, by connecting the quantum computer with the human brain, they assist the young boy with cryogenic syndrome in capturing love and friendship. Just as this utopian existence takes shape, Dr. Ke believes that technology has spiraled out of control. He decides to personally destroy Kuro and Shiro, leading to an intense conflict with his son.


The trailer posted by X (formerly Twitter) account BL Update went viral with 391K+ views at the time of writing. Yet, netizens were quick to point to one of its stars’ past controversies.

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Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 2.52.50 PM

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Last year, content creator Yao Le accused Aaron Yan of raping him when he was only 16 years old. Shortly after, Yan, 32 when Le was 16, released a statement via Facebook, apologizing to Yao Le and even “offered him assistance to navigate the pains of their dating.” Yet, Yan appeared unannounced at Le’s press conference to deny the allegations against him.

Yao Le in 2023. | @tnps96073/Instagram
Yao Le in 2023. | @tnps96073/Instagram

Ultimately, Aaron Yan reportedly was sentenced to a seven-month prison sentence, which can be converted to a fine after three years, “for filming and leaking intimate videos of a minor in the period 2017-2018.” Shilin District Court confirmed that Yan recorded sex videos with a minor, but a settlement was reached with the accuser in March.

Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan

Details of the settlement were not disclosed due to the two men’s confidentiality agreement. Yan also reportedly received an additional four months sentence due to the Personal Data Protection Act because Yan sent the inappropriate content to two people. While this jail time can also be suspended for three years, it cannot be commuted to a fine.

Concerning the rape charges, prosecutors chose not to pursue an indictment due to alleged lack of evidence.

Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan

As netizens resurfaced this news, BL Update quote-tweeted their original post with a news headline regarding Aaron Yan’s sentencing.

Still, netizens were upset that BL Update chose to “promote” his drama in the first place. Many hoped Yan would just be replaced to not affect the other actors.

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Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 2.54.38 PM

Screen Shot 2024-07-09 at 2.54.11 PM

What do you think about the controversy?

Source: MyDramaList and Focus Taiwan

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