Aespa’s Karina And NingNing Are In Their Own World Playing The Most Chaotic Games At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

They actually did come to play 😂

Aespa‘s Karina and NingNing were the most chaotic besties at SMTOWN LIVE 2022. When they weren’t going viral with their members for their interactions with other idols, they were gaining attention for their own hilarious games.



Aespa were truly one of the highlights of SMTOWN LIVE 2022, in both the Korea and Japan concerts. They not only impressed with their sheer talent and visuals

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…but they also proved they are definitely the favored maknae of SM Entertainment. They shared many sweet moments with the senior idols in the company, and even hilariously photobombed their vlogs!

But NingNing and Karina also had fans highly amused as they played their own chaotic games, seemingly in their own world. On the second day of the concert in Tokyo, the two of them were spotted playing at “chicken fight” onstage. NingNing came out the victor, and happily celebrated with little jumps of joy.

On the third day of the three-day concert, the two of them were at it again, except this time they had a spontaenous arm wrestling contest.

Fans couldn’t get over the chaos that the scene presented, including Giselle‘s walking around Karina and NingNing while hilariously pretending to be a chicken or duck.

Aespa may have been at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 to prove their well-earned status as leaders of their generation, but they also did come to play!

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