Aespa’s NingNing Arrives In China, And Fans React To Airport Security’s Unexpected Means Of Keeping Her Safe

“Ningmengs and the Chinese security have the same goal…”

Aespa‘s NingNing recently flew to China, which fans believe is so she can film the show Stage 2023, likely as a mentor.

Aespa’s NingNing

Fans were excited to see NingNing traveling to China, where she was greeted by an incredible amount of fans eager to welcome her.

And while the size of the crowd was certainly intimidating, NingNing still made sure to interact with fans who had spent so long waiting for her, showing her genuinely kind personality.

But while NingNing’s kindness is well-known, what fans didn’t expect to see, but were immensely grateful for, was the circle of security around the idol to ensure her safety.

Fans regularly raise concerns about the safety of their idols at airports, as often massive crowds come to show their support, but can also endanger the idols, sometimes forcing security to intervene.

But it seems that when NingNing arrived in China, security took no chances with her safety, forming a large protective circle around her to keep her safe.

| @for_nyz/Twitter

Fans praised their efforts, grateful to see that NingNing was well cared for.

Pointing out that she should always be protected this well.

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