10 Times MYs Exposed aespa NingNing’s True Personality While She Was In Paris

#3 was too wholesome!

The members of aespa recently attended the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week as brand ambassadors. While in the city, they gained plenty of praise for their unreal visuals, as well as for their behavior toward fans. In fact, based on the large number of MYs in the crowd at the Givenchy event, it’s safe to say aespa were the main attraction!


Yet, netizens have recently come to NingNing‘s defense after she was criticized for being rude in a short clip.


Of course, this turned out to not be true, as MYs pointed out that she had merely been readjusting her AirPods.

As netizens continue to defend NingNing from what they feel is undue criticism, here are 10 times that her true personality was revealed during her stay in Paris.


1. When she chose to walk with fans instead of taking the car

2. When she amused everyone with her playful side

3. When she held on to a flower she got from a fan

It was so sad when she lost it!

4. When she complimented a fan’s hair during the fansign

5. When she had everyone gushing over her adorable antics

6. When she went viral for the hilariously cute way she tried on sunglasses

7. When she made time to sign as many autographs as she could

8. When she had the best reaction to being told a fan’s mom loves her

9. When she did her best to treat fans politely even when some people were slightly rude

10. When she never failed to greet and acknowledge fans, even at the Givenchy event when it was raining

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