Aespa Winter’s Gorgeous New Airport Fit Shows Off Her Unreal Body Proportions

She’s a real-life doll!

Aespa‘s Winter gains attention for her visuals and unreal body proportions as she and her members arrive in Korea.

Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

The members recently held a successful showcase in Japan, where they proved they are true performance queens (with superior visuals and vocals to match).

Aespa | @aespapic/Twitter

Upon their return to Korea, the members also proved they have truly kind personalities as they did their best to be considerate of all the fans around them.

But besides her thoughtfulness towards fans, Winter also gained attention for her gorgeous airport fit, which perfectly showed off her enviable body proportions. Winter wore a pair of casual straight-cut jeans, which she paired with a cute cream-colored vest over a small black crop top.

The fit perfectly accentuated her tiny waist, with the cropped vest and top showing off her abs and perfect figure.

Winter and Karina

Giselle and Winter

Fans couldn’t help but praise the look…

…while also noting Winter’s strong duality!

Some fans also noted that she really loves wearing white. It makes sense, as she recently revealed in an interview with Zach Sang that she thinks white is the color that represents her best. She may just be on to something, as it certainly looks perfect on her!

Though, of course, this visual queen can look good in pretty much anything!

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Aespa Gain Praise For Their Thoughtful Gestures As They Arrive In Korea After Japan Showcase