Aespa’s Winter Has A Cinderella Moment With Fans

Fans immediately helped the idol.

Despite some difficulties, aespa recently arrived in Paris for Paris Fashion Week and continually went viral for everything from their stunning visuals


To their unexpected encounters


Kind personalities


And, of course, the crowds that waited for them at the Givenchy Show where aespa proved that they are the main event.

Their whole trip, aespa kept going viral even for small things. NingNing trended for trying on a pair of sunglasses, and Winter went viral for an unexpected interaction with fans. While fans were busy asking Winter questions as she and Karina walked by, Winter’s shoe unexpectedly came off.

Understandably Winter was caught off guard by losing her shoe, which led to the chaos of fans trying to grab it for her while Karina went back for her friend.

Winter got her shoe back thanks to fans, and Karina joked that it was a situation straight out of Cinderella.

Fans couldn’t help but agree, especially when they realized that the fan even knelt to give Winter back her shoe.

Fans found the whole interaction adorable.

And some fans joked that it should have been them playing the part of the prince and returning Winter’s shoe.