“Alchemy Of Souls” Teases Its Next Female Lead, Go Yoon Jung, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

She looked like a goddess.

Alchemy of Souls has been renewed for a second season. While Jeon So Min did amazing as the main character, Mu Deok, in the first season, it was announced that the lead role would go to Go Yoon Jung in the second season.

It was not explained why, but perhaps it was planned from the beginning, as Go Yoon Jung appeared in episode 1 already. It was her soul that ended up in Mu Deok’s body. The rest of the cast will be returning for Season 2.

The show teased Go Yoon Jung’s appearance in the preview for the final episode of Season 1.

Go Yoon Jung as the original Nak Su. | tvN

Needless to say, her beauty stunned everyone and she immediately went viral on Korean community sites.

Go Yoon Jung as the original Nak Su. | tvN

She looked gorgeous as she looked down at the view from below a tree.

Go Yoon Jung as the original Nak Su. | tvN

Netizens compared her to a fairy and a goddess as they were left gaping at her beauty.

Responses to Go Yoon Jung as the original Nak Su. | theqoo

  • “Go Yoon Jung’s pretty but her voice is really charming.”
  • “F*cking pretty.”
  • “I like Go Yoon Jung so much. She’s so pretty.”
  • “When she appeared, I thought that the preview ended and that they were showing an ad for a fantasy game. She’s so pretty.”
  • “Huh if the male lead is the same, how will they continue the romance…? Why are romance dramas so senseless nowadays, with the leads changing and all? If not then, sorry…”
  • “F*cking pretty.”

We can’t wait for Season 2! It will air sometime in December 2022.

Source: theqoo