AleXa Feels That She Was Prepared For The “American Song Contest” Thanks To “Produce 48”

AleXa also shared whether she prefers Korean or American survival shows.

Soloist AleXa is currently making waves in the K-Pop industry as she recently competed in the American Song Contest, which was essentially America’s interpretation of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the show, 56 artists represented 50 states, five territories, and the country’s capital as they performed original songs.

AleXa was the representative for her home state, Oklahoma.

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And throughout the show, AleXa continued to show off how impressive K-Pop performances are, wowing audiences with her fierce choreography, impressive tricks, and incredible vocal skills.

Fans were beyond enthusiastic that AleXa won the American Song Contest, impressing everyone with her incredible talent.

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And in a recent interview with WiLD 949‘s Angelina, AleXa revealed how she felt prepared to take on the American Song Contest.

Angelina asked AleXa if, since she had competed in a survival show before, she knew what to do for the American Song Contest.

I know before [NBC’s American Song Contest] you did a couple of survival shows in Korea. Did those experiences help you get through American Song Contest?


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In 2016 and 2017, AleXa competed in the audition competition program Rising Legends and Rising Legends: Seasons 2. She stood out with her incredible dance skills and was the grand prize winner of the second season, getting to film an original series, Legendary: Making of a K-Pop Star.

In 2018 AleXa competed on Mnet‘s survival show Produce 48.

In the past, AleXa has talked about her experience on Produce 48, both about the positives of how other trainees helped her communicate since she didn’t know Korean well and about the negatives, like how long filming took.

But, thanks to the intensity of filming survival shows, AleXa revealed that there actually was one area she felt completely prepared in for the American Song Contest.

Yeah, I mean I would definitely say having experience on those televised survival programs in Korea, it taught me how to find the cameras for broadcasting. ‘Cause it’s so tricky. Just those little bitty red lights you gotta find in this big old dark room. So [the experience] definitely came in handy.


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And Angelina was curious what happened if other performers hadn’t known how to find the cameras, asking if it was something they were instructed on beforehand.

On American Song Contest did they teach you that, or work with you, or was it all like, “It’s good I know this?”


To which AleXa explained that it was a learning process for everyone involved.

I mean, I think everyone just kind of had different levels of experience coming into it. So some people knew how to find them, some people were kind of struggling, but I mean it’s all a big learning process for everyone on there.


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And to finish up her questions about survival shows, Angelina asked if AleXa preferred Korean or American survival shows now that she’d tried both.

Would you prefer doing a Korean or American survival show?


To which, AleXa had a surprising but very AleXa answer.

Oh man. Let’s do both. Why not? I love a good challenge. Let’s do both.


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Source: WiLD 949