AOA’s Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun Have Ended Their Relationship

They have ended their relationship.

AOA‘s Hyejeong and top rookie actor Ryu Ui Hyun have reportedly ended their relationship due to their busy schedules.

According to an exclusive report from TV Daily, Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun recently decided to end their relationship and remain friends as the two were very busy with their professional schedules. Hyejeong was busy preparing for AOA’s comeback schedule while Ryu Ui Hyun was busy filming his dramas, such as Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life.

Due to their constant preparations and promotions, the two naturally drifted apart, and eventually separated.

Back in April 2019, the two admitted they were dating after meeting on the set of web drama Can I Return the Heartache?

AOA’s Hyejeong And Top Rookie Actor Ryu Eui Hyun Are Dating

Ryu Ui Hyun’s agency Wayz Company has since confirmed the two have broken up.

It’s true that Ryu Ui Hyun and Hyejeong recently broke up.

— Wayz Company

Hyejeong’s agency FNC Entertainment also released the same statement.

It’s true that Hyejeong and Ryu Ui Hyun recently broke up.

— FNC Entertainment

Source: TV Daily, Sports Donga and TV Daily


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