AOA’s Seolhyun May Have Just Quietly Started A YouTube Channel

Will you be tuning in?

AOA‘s Seolhyun may have just started a new career endeavor in the most lowkey way possible.

AOA’s Seolhyun.

The AOA member, who has been slowly making an Instagram comeback has created quite a stir with her most recent biography update. The girl group idol has updated her social media account with a discreet, unannounced link in her bio.

AOA Seolhyun’s Instagram biography with the YouTube link | @sh_9513/Instagram

When followers click on the link, they are directed to a YouTube page titled Dazzling by Seolhyun. While there may be no content as of August 13, which is when the channel was created, the title of the channel plus the photo of Seolhyun seems to confirm that the AOA member may be gearing up for a YouTube debut.

Seolhyun’s YouTube channel.

While it’s not an official Instagram upload, this one link brings a lot of significance to Seolhyun, as well as the other AOA members due to the group’s previous controversy.

Back in July 2020, former member Mina called out Shin Jimin for bullying her for 10 years, which led to her departure from the group. Ever since these allegations were made, the AOA members abruptly halted their activities and involuntarily began hiatuses due to the severity of the accusations, as well as the ongoing backlash they received from the public.

Former AOA members Shin Jimin (left) and Mina (right).

Following the allegations, it was announced that Seolhyun would appear in tvN‘s Awaken as the female lead, but was met with intense criticisms from Korean netizens who had not quite forgiven nor forgotten Mina’s bullying allegations. Due to this, the other AOA members have been cautious making any type of comeback — which may be the exact reason why Seolhyun chose to keep the creation of her YouTube channel on the down-low.

Seolhyun in “Awaken” | tvN

Since there are no videos uploaded onto the channel, it is hard to determine what type of content Seolhyun will be uploading. As we enter the waiting game, we wish her the best of luck on her new endeavor.

Source: WikiTree