Apink’s Bomi Gets Praised For Her Professionalism As She Continues To Perform Despite A Bleeding Leg

Kudos to her!

Apink recently made a comeback with the song, “Dilemma”. The group has been active for 11 years now, having made their debut in 2011 with “I don’t know”. Thanks to their long time in the industry, the girls look and sound better than ever!

Bomi stunned fans with her slim physique and solid abs on stage. While she rocked the performance, fans’ eyes were drawn to a suspicious red spot below her knee.

Located right above her white boots, fans quickly realized she had been hurt.

The open wound was bleeding but Bomi rocked the performance.

She showed off her professional side as she executed the choreography without a single wince.

The wound looked rather serious on the other hand. Fans speculated it could be due to the hard and stiff material of the boots paired with the side zip.

In the cold winter, skin also grows thinner and more prone to cuts. Worried for her safety, fans called for the stylist to change their footwear while praising Bomi for her professionalism.

| Nate Pann
  • “Can’t they get rid of those long boots?”
  • “Oh dear. It must’ve hurt but she didn’t make it obvious at all on stage. Our Bomi, don’t be in pain.”
  • “Oh dear, it must hurt.”
  • “Why is Apink’s stylist so bent on those long boots? It doesn’t even suit their pretty clothes but they always wear long boots.”
  • “Wow but seeing the comments, it seems like Apink is still doing well. I’m a fan of another group but I didn’t know they would do well for 11 years straight. Seeing how there are sarcastic comments too, I guess they’re still at their peak.”

Kudos to Bomi on her professionalism! It’s not the first time an idol has smiled through the pain! IVE‘s Wonyoung recently made headlines for a similar matter. Read about it below.

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Source: Nate Pann