ARMY Is Finally Getting A Live Performance Of One Of The Most Anticipated BTS Songs

It’s giving us hope for our other fav songs!

After so long, we’re finally getting a live performance of one of our most beloved BTS songs.


BTS are currently rehearsing for their upcoming free concert, WORLD EXPO 2030 BUSAN KOREA CONCERT BTS <Yet To Come> in Busan on Saturday, October 15, to promote the city’s bid to host the World Expo 2030.

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Songs can be heard outside the venue as the members rehearse. Songs expected to be on the setlist based on the overheard rehearsal include “Ma City,” “Dionysus,” “MIC Drop,” “Cypher Pt. 3,” “00:00 (Zero O’Clock),” “Boy with Luv,” “IDOL,” “Fire,” “Save Me,” Butterfly,” and “Young Forever.” That’s not all, though…

There is a song that ARMYs have been hoping and praying for to be performed live, and it appears that day is soon upon us.

When BTS made their comeback in June with the anthology album PROOF, new song “Run BTS” became a fast fan favorite. Unfortunately, it was not promoted on music shows as it was deemed “unfit for broadcast” due to lyrical content, such as cursing.

Fan comments to the news that “Run BTS” would be unfit for broadcasting due to cursing. | Theqoo
  • 1. Exciting
  • 3. I love cursing
  • 4. It’s been a while I heard them being explicit
  • 6. Makes me like them even more
  • 7. I love explicit boys
  • 8. It’s been so long since I heard explicit boys
  • 10. I can’t wait for the explicit boys
  • 11. Love it even more

Much to ARMYs’ excitement, both V and Jungkook have at least sung it during individual live broadcasts.

But ARMYs became especially hopeful when it seemed like BTS were hinting that “Run BTS” would be performed. On stage of the 2022 The Fact Music Awards (also known as the 2022 TMAs), BTS’s J-Hope gave a hint for the Busan concert; in a literal translation, he said, “We’ll be running hard, right?” What he said could also mean, “We’ll be giving it our best, right?” as “to run” in Korean can be interpreted as “go at something 100%.”

ARMYs also noticed that RM appeared to be running in place, which many suspect was a further hint of a “Run BTS” performance.

Sure enough, “Run BTS” was another song heard outside the venue for BTS’s upcoming concert. So, it’s definitely happening!

Now, ARMYs are hopeful for another song: “Louder than Bombs.” Again, Jungkook sang the song during a live broadcast, but he forgot the lyrics.

But ARMY will continue manifesting until the day we get “Louder than Bombs” live.

Check out more sneak previews of BTS’s upcoming concert in Busan below.

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