ASTRO Has Finally Earned Their First Win 3 Years After Debut And Everyone Is Emotional

Congratulations to ASTRO and Arohas!

It’s a good day for Arohas as ASTRO has officially earned their first music show win. This important moment occurred on SBS’s The Show where they earned a win for their new single “All Night”, beating out ATEEZ and WJSN for the grand prize.

It’s been a long wait for Arohas as ASTRO have had consistently successful comebacks but weren’t rewarded with music show wins for their efforts, “Crazy Sexy Cool” especially seemed almost guaranteed to earn them a win but it the end this didn’t end up being the case. However, ASTRO has finally achieved a personal goal of theirs with this monumental win. ASTRO was incredibly emotional after their triumphant victory. Leader JinJin was so thankful for the award and made a touching speech with tears in his eyes.

Cha Eunwoo also acknowledged ASTRO’s international fans with some brief but heartwarming words in English.

It’s not just ASTRO that was emotional, the Arohas that supported the boys throughout their careers have finally seen their favourites rewarded with a win.

Now that they’ve achieved their first win, it’s likely that this momentum can carry them through to more wins as 2019 continues. There are other groups still chasing their first win, however:

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