Australian Comedian Continues To Insult BTS And Refuses To Back Down From His Tweets

He has repeatedly gloated about his Twitter feuds with ARMYs

Alex Williamson, an Australian comedian who describes himself as a “Bogan Aussie Commentator” has come under fire last week for defending an Australian comedy show 20 To One that insulted of BTS.

While the Australian TV Network apologised for these insulting comments, Alex Williamson has refused to back down from his tweets. Instead, he has continued to provoke the anger of ARMYs for his own amusement.

He was criticised for his disrespectful tweets where he complained that BTS was purely designed as a money-making machine and argued that there was no racism in the treatment of the group.

Since then, he has been criticised by ARMYs for his insulting tweets, but he has invoked pleasure in further instigating the anger.

He has since pinned a tweet where he claims that this was not a race issue and Australians would say the same thing about any other boy group.

That is in spite of the fact that many Australians are fans of BTS, with BTS selling out their concert in Sydney when they last came to Australia during the Wings tour.

Regardless, Alex Williamson has gloated about his conflict with ARMYs, labelling it as “World War Three” and bragging that he has emerged victorious over millions of fans.

[If] you want a bit of a f***ing chuckle, go and look at the comments on the photos, read about it on Twitter.

I started World War Three last night, inadvertently. It’s not a very fair war, it’s literally myself versus the whole fandom of BTS


He has continued to defend the comedy skit on BTS, saying that it was never a race issue, rather they were just criticising boy groups as a whole.

It all started with a tweet, where an Australian program was accused of being racist towards them, when really they were being dismissive towards boy bands.

I would have said the same thing about Backstreet Boys, I said the same thing about One Direction, it’s not a race issue my friends. It is an issue about boy bands being a gimmick designed to extract the dollars from the pickpockets of fifteen-year-olds. I appreciate we have different tastes in music


Although he has continued to defend himself from accusations of racisms, many ARMYs have pointed their disappointment with his racially insensitive tweets about BTS.

He has repeatedly highlighted that he is impressed by accomplishments of Asian scientists and doctors, singling out leading South Korean chemist Cheon Jinwoo.

However, many ARMYs have pointed out that Asian individuals aren’t only restricted to STEM fields. In contrast, underrepresentation of Asians in entertainment and media has long being a phenomenon that has made many Asians feel excluded from society and even feel ashamed of their own heritage. Hence, the trend towards more representation of Asian artists and actors has been welcomed as a refreshing change.

He also joked on Twitter that football player Son Heung Min would agree with him and would not want to listen to BTS.

That is in spite of the fact that Son Heung Min has publicly expressed his gratitude for RM wearing a cap in support of the football player.

Son Heung Min has also previously let ARMYs know that he will continue to support BTS with their endeavours and cheer them on.

Alex Williamson has also been criticised for his stereotypical labelling of BTS, saying that only teenage girls under the age of fifteen would be interested in BTS, and that they are nothing more than a “gimmick” to extract money from fans.

ARMYs know that BTS enjoys the support of countless celebrities who genuinely enjoy their music and personalities.

Additionally, ARMYs are comprised of people of all ages, genders and nationalities, with numerous instances of parents joining their kids in supporting BTS too.

Many ARMYs also pointed out that labelling BTS as a “gimmick” ignores the fact that they self-produced group whose members are heavily involved in the production of their own music. If the members were only in it for the money, they would never have been able to withstand hardships and challenges since debut as a group.

ARMYs can fully affirm that the BTS members are talented artists.

Many ARMYs have also drawn attention to BTS’s amazing work with UNICEF and with other charitable organizations.

Furthermore, the BTS members were also invited to give a speech at the United Nations, an honour that very few musicians are ever given.

As BTS experiences international stardom, unfortunately not all of this attention will be positive.

Nevertheless, BTS will continue expanding their artistry and creativity, and will be sure to experience much success regardless of any cheap shots or insulting remarks.

ARMYs know that BTS has already left a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people with their music and their influence.