Auto-Translate Did ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Dirty, And His Response Has Netizens LOLing


In July, KQ Entertainment announced a new way for fans to communicate with their company’s artists, releasing the KQ Entertainment-focused artist-to-fan communication app TOKTOQ on July 17.

Since then, the ATEEZ and xikers members have kept fans updated on their activities through the app, which allows for a membership-based option as well where fans can access the idols’ “live chats.”

ATEEZ leader Hongjoong‘s recent live chat has earned attention for the most unintentionally hilarious reason as Google’s auto-translate function wildly misinterpreted his innocent message for ATINYs (ATEEZ’s fans).

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong | @ateez_official/Instagram

Hongjoong was discussing food with ATINYs, and wrote popular abbreviated forms of Budae Jjigae (also known as army stew) and Sundubu Jjigae(soft-tofu stew).

While the topic was undoubtedly innocent, Google’s auto-translation took an unexpectedly explicit turn, causing Hongjoong to wonder if something was wrong with the translation, seemingly in response to fan-submitted messages.

  • “Oh hmm…”
  • “B-J (Initials of Budae Jjigae, common in Korean)”
  • “S-J (Initials of Soft-Tofu Jjigae, common in Korean)”
  • “Hehehe”
  • “Translation..??!”

The auto-translate function mistranslated the abbreviated text, and as international ATINYs tuning into the chat reacted, Hongjoong hilariously asked, “Is it bad..?!

The incorrect auto-translated messages | TOKTOQ

Realizing that the auto-translate function mistranslated his messages, he quickly clarified what was being discussed for international ATINYs.

In a series of messages, Hongjoong hilariously explained that he was just talking about Korean soup.


International ATINYs knew the auto-translated messages were likely incorrect and couldn’t get over how hilariously inaccurate they actually were and Hongjoong’s reaction.

Hongjoong knew just how to smoothly respond to the unexpected situation while keeping international ATINYs updated as well.

ATEEZ’s leader is known for his thoughtful behavior toward fans and recently discussed how ATINYs changed the way he writes music.

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