BIBI Lets Out Her Inner Fangirl And Gushes About Her BLACKPINK Bias

“I love her body…”

BIBI recently confirmed her BLINK status as she gushed about her BLACKPINK bias on live stream.

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BIBI is well-known for being one of the most badass names in K-Pop. She has proven to be a truly fearless artist, from her iconic fan interactions to her unfiltered expression of thoughts.


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Her recent performance at Seoul’s annual WATERBOMB Festival also proved she is a total professional, as she handled a wardrobe malfunction like a boss.

BIBI at 2022 WATERBOMB Festival | @okyFbEdktko/Twitter

Yet, despite being such an icon herself, she is not immune to also being a fangirl. In the past, she revealed that she actually dreams of collaborating with BTS‘s RM.

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Now, it turns out she is a big fan of BLACKPINK as well! In a recent live stream, BIBI spilled who her bias is and why, and she did not hold back. When fans prompted her to say who it is, BIBI stated that her bias is Lisa.

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Her reason why? BIBI explained, I love her body, she’s tall, she’s cute and sexy at the same time, she dances, she raps.”

The question really should have been, what’s not to like? She concluded, “I love her.”

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While BIBI is an impressive artist herself, she is a whole mood as a fan!

Watch the full clip below and see BIBI letting out her inner fangirl as she gushes about BLACKPINK’s Lisa, ITZY and (G)I-DLE.

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