Big Hit Entertainment’s New Building Sculpture Is Almost As Gorgeous As Its Idols

It’s beautiful.

Big Hit Entertainment is set to transfer headquarters from their current building in Gangnam to a much larger one in Yongsan.

A new detail about the building has recently been shared to the public, and it is almost as attractive as the idols of the company.

Housed in the reception lobby is a huge sculpture that spans three walls.

Entitled “Across by Boat” for the paper boat-looking details it has, this gorgeous sculpture was made by artist Cho Eun Hee.


Preliminary computer designs are said to have been made as early as January 2019.


It is meant to look continuous and seamless even when apart.


The final version is outstandingly similar to the planned one.


Fans love how the artwork seems to become even more gorgeous when lit up.


They pointed out how similar the sculpture looks to the Love Yourself: Answer album.


ARMYs now have another reason to want to work in the company.


The new building and its sculpture is expected to be ready by 2020.

Source: Twitter