T.O.P’s Service Unit Files Complaint Over Release Of “Flower Road”, YG Responds

T.O.P is under review by the police…again.

BIG BANG released “Flower Road” this past week and the song is already topping music charts! However, the song seems to be making headlines again as T.O.P has come under investigation for possibly breaking a military rule.

This past week, the Yongsan District Office requested that T.O.P be put under investigation because they suspect that he violated the military commercial activity regulation.

“We asked whether the social service agent violated the conciliation prohibition rules and whether he was engaged in commercial activities.”

— The Yongsan District

According to Article 28 of the Military Service Personnel Management Regulations of the Military Manpower Administration, social service personnel cannot hold an additional position other than their military service. It is possible, however, to participate in community service activities or public service activities conducted by a nonprofit organization or organization without incurring costs.

YG Entertainment announced its stance regarding the controversy over whether or not T.O.P violated the military rule that prohibits soldiers from engaging in commercial activities during their military enlistment.

“Fans already know that the BIGBANG members recorded the album MADE two years ago because it was made public through the media. We don’t understand why this is causing a problem.”

— YG Entertainment

T.O.P who has previously been involved in an unfortunate situation already with the police replied “Flower Road was recorded and completed in 2015-2016. I did not know that the song was going to be released” stating that he was unaware of the situation.

Flower Road has been topping the Korean charts through the roof with an all-kill on all music charts and is currently #1 in 28 countries according to Apple iTunes.

Source: xportsnews and SBS funE