BigHit Entertainment Releases Cryptic New TXT Teaser Featuring Yeonjun

A new mysterious teaser offers new clues for TXT’s “questioning films” series.

BigHit Entertainment has released the fourth video in their new series of Tomorrow X Together (TXT) “questioning films”.

The first installment featured Soobin in a garden of blue and white flowers with a praying mantis. The Morse code at the end spelled out “tomorrow”.


The second questioning film, released 24 hours after the first, featured HueningKai in a floral landscape with a leopard gecko. His Morse code message spelled out “secret”.


The third film, for Beomgyu, also took place in nature and it featured a delicate butterfly. Beomgyu’s Morse code message translates to “hope”.


24 hours after HueningKai’s teaser was released, a new teaser featuring Yeonjun dropped. Like the previous teasers in this series, it revolves around nature and the “what do you see?” theme. Yeonjun’s symbolic animal is a caterpillar and his Morse code message says, “promise”.

Another 24-hour countdown has started, so that means the teaser for Taehyun will be soon be released. Since Taehyun is the only member left, that could mean that TXT’s official debut may be coming very soon!

Check out the teaser here.

TXT's Debut