The Owner Of CELINE, Bernard Arnault, Responds To The Giant Crowd Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa, BTS’s V, And Park Bo Gum’s Fans At His Fashion Show

He recognized that the crowd wasn’t there for the fashion show.

The recent CELINE Paris fashion show took the K-Pop community by storm as actor Park Bo Gum, BTS‘s V, and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa were all going to be in attendance. But not only were all three celebrities attending the same event, but they also took the same private jet to Paris.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

And had many adorable interactions during the fashion show.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum | @popbee/Instagram

Surprising fans by even attending the afterparty together.

BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Have A Blast Trying Pole Dance At The CELINE After-Party

It’s undeniable that the trio was the main event at the fashion show, with massive crowds waiting to see the idols, even causing a bit of a safety concern.

And while the first in-person CELINE fashion show since 2020 was going to have a lot of attendees, including other celebrities, K-Pop fans flocked to the fashion show for a chance to see Lisa and V in person.

“Outside the crowd is huge! They all wait for Lisa, V, and Park Bo Gum” | Loic Prigent/YouTube 

One Parisian fashion YouTuber, Loic Prigent, filmed many of the event’s behind-the-scenes. And he made sure to speak to the massive crowds, listening to their support of CELINE’s ambassador, BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Interviewer: Do you have a message for Lisa?

Fan: Lisa, we love you. Now that you’ve bought a private jet, you should come to Paris more often.

Fan: We love you so much you bring us so much happiness everyday. But you needs to buy a house in Paris. You’re coming way too often for someone who’s from Korea. We love you.

Fan: A CELINE ambassador should live in Paris!

Fan singing Lisa’s song “LALISA” | Loic Prigent/YouTube 

Loic Prigent also managed to talk to the owner of CELINE, Bernard Arnault, asking him what he thought about the massive crowds. Especially since Bernard Arnault went to look at the crowd himself and recorded them on his phone, proving that this was an unprecedented amount of fans.

Interviewer: What do you think of the crowd outside?

Bernard Arnault: They’re fans of the Korean stars. The stars of BLACKPINK, a worldwide success.

“Mr. Arnault is just like us, he takes out his smartphone and documents.” | Loic Prigent/YouTube 

Loic Prigent even points out that through her work as a CELINE ambassador, the press used to call Lisa “Miss” but have finally learned her name.

“The photographers used to call her Miss. Now, they finally know her name.” | Loic Prigent/YouTube 

And, of course, as this is BTS V’s first time seeing a CELINE fashion show, he is likely to continue making more waves if he attends more in the future.

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