Koreans React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Scandalous Performance On “The Idol” Episode Two

The series has been plagued by criticism.

Netizens reacted to BLACKPINK Jennie‘s latest appearance on the second episode of HBO‘s The Idol.

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Controversy has followed HBO’s The Idol since its inception. The series, which tells the story of a budding pop singer as she navigates the harrows of the music industry, has been criticized as chauvinistic and exploitative, all before even airing its first episode.

In the series’ inaugural episode, the show didn’t disappoint. Fans and media outlets called out the many sex scenes in the drama as gratuitous, writing off the series as showrunner Sam Levinson‘s rape fantasy come to life.

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie was not immune to the criticism either. Many fans in Korea reacted in bewilderment and expressed regret over the idol’s decision to star in the series.

Korean Netizens Are Already Disgusted By HBO’s “The Idol”

The show’s second episode, unfortunately, had a similar reception. In the few scenes the idol did appear in the episode, Jennie showed a side to her that K-Pop fans had never seen before.

One scene, in particular, went viral in Korea. The scene begins with Jennie’s character, Dyanne, talking to Tedros, played by The Weeknd. Dyanne confronts Tedros about his relationship with Jocelyn, played by Lily Rose-Depp. While doing so, Jennie asks Tedros if “She was a better f*ck than me.”

While international audiences praised the actress for her performance, viewers in Korea weren’t very impressed. Korean audiences criticized Jennie and The Weeknd and called out their acting. Many stated that the script was bad, but their acting made the series unwatchable.

  • “If she wanted to do something like this, she should have acted better.”
  • “Why did she do this?”
  • “This makes me realize the importance of acting skills. If the script is hopeless, there needs to be an actor who can save it.”
  • “Wow… That line is crazy.”
  • “I’ll pay for eyes who haven’t watched this.”
  • “Maybe if the male character was handsome or something…”
  • “Oof, what is wrong with both of their acting? It’s hard to watch them try to act sexy.”
  • “Why in the world did she decide to do this?”
  • “Ah, I can’t watch the male character act sexy, LOL. I guess you can watch this as a guilty pleasure, LOL.”
  • “Infinite Challenge members acted more naturally in their drama special. Wow. What is this?”

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