Fans Call Out Songwriter Bekuh BOOM For Seemingly Shading BLACKPINK

Bekuh BOOM has written many BLACKPINK songs.

Bekuh BOOM is an American singer and songwriter who has been working with BLACKPINK since they were trainees. Bekuh BOOM traveled to Seoul, South Korea, in 2012 to pursue music deals. After ending up in YG Entertainment, Bekuh BOOM shared the same Korean teacher as the members of BLACKPINK.

Later solidifying their relationship, Bekuh BOOM co-wrote BLACKPINK’s debut songs “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH.”


The singer-songwriter has continued to consistently work with BLACKPINK, including with Lisa’s solo debut, as well as “Ready for Love” and “Typa Girl” from their recent BORN PINK album.

Bekuh BOOM has explained that a lot of her focus for BLACKPINK’s music is about empowerment for women, like with “Kill This Love” and “Typa Girl.”

[“Typa Girl” is] a song to empower women. When I hear it, I feel like the sh*t — and I want other women to hear it and feel that way too.

— Bekuh BOOM

BLACKPINK in “Kill This Love”

“Typa Girl” quickly became a fan-favorite among the tracks in the BORN PINK album, which was further solidified by BLACKPINK’s impressively captivating performances of the song on their world tour.

However, despite this continued working relationship between Bekuh BOOM and BLACKPINK, fans are accusing Bekuh BOOM of intentionally shading BLACKPINK in a recently resurfacing TikTok from October.

At the beginning of the video, Bekuh BOOM explains that “I wrote ‘Typa Girl’ for BLACKPINK… And then I wrote another verse for myself.”

Bekuh Boom | @bekuhboom/TikTok 

Although it’s common for people on TikTok to add verses to songs, experimenting with beats and lyrics, fans believe that Bekuh BOOM’s lyrics are specifically shading BLACKPINK.

| @bekuhboom/TikTok 

Fans believe the lyric “Dolla signs on my bag not COCO” is an obvious diss toward Jennie, a Chanel brand ambassador.

| @bekuhboom/TikTok 

They claim lyrics like “I’m who they call when these b*tches need help” further cement that the lyrics are targeted at BLACKPINK since she has often written for them.

They also argue that the line “Type to get your *ss deleted” directly references Bekuh BOOM having unfollowed Jennie and Rosé on Instagram.

| @straypinkcore/Twitter
| @straypinkcore/Twitter

And fans point out that the lyrics “Stay acting funny but wait till I’m serious” are probably referencing how Jennie allegedly did not tag Bekuh BOOM for the credits of BORN PINK.

| @bekuhboom/TikTok 

Fans believe that Bekuh BOOM’s beef comes from Jennie and Rosé having allegedly changed some of her lyrics to their songs.

Especially after this latest video, some fans are hoping that YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK will stop working with Bekuh BOOM.

 You can read more about their past work together here.

Singer-Songwriter Bekuh BOOM Reveals That She Originally Expected BLACKPINK’s “Typa Girl” To Be For Lisa’s Next Solo Release

You can watch the video of Bekuh BOOM here.


I’m that Typa girl #fyp

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