Jisoo Gets Real About How She Feels About BLACKPINK Falling From Fame One Day

“I mean, we have to go down eventually.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently appeared on “My Alcohol Diary” where she had conversations with host Lee Young Ji about relationships, the members’ friendships, and more. As one of the top girl groups, Lee Young Ji asked Jisoo about her opinion on the future of BLACKPINK.

Young Ji shared how she felt the group may feel pressured or stressed when thinking about the future where they are not as famous as they once were.

Jisoo knows that no artist can stay at the top forever and shares her mature mindset when it comes to the future.

I don’t get stressed out. I mean, we have to go down eventually as we had our moment.

— Jisoo

Jisoo doesn’t see it as competition against her fellow artists. Instead, she views it as a win for their country.

So if we go down, there will be someone who goes up. Then it will be better that it continues like this. At that moment, the Korean music industry is doing well around the world.

— Jisoo

However, for the time being, BLACKPINK is nowhere near being done! The members continue to uplift each other’s morale and keep doing their best.

And when our four members talk to each other, we feel proud and I think it’s important for the celebrity as a job. So we think like, ‘No one can stop us!’

— Jisoo

Jisoo’s mature perspective shows exactly why she’s so successful! Check out more below.

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